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Preparations and Puppets

In one week, I'm going to be in Venezuela! This week I got to meet up with the 2 lovely ladies I will be travelling with and got to see some pictures of some of the people we are going to meet. And the beach we are going to visit. Today I got my Hep A shot, and I am slowly getting stocked up on supplies. Apparently this is the wrong season to buy bugspray, nobody in Sylvan is carrying what I need. I went to the hardware store tonight and when I asked if they have bug spray, one lady told me to just open my windows. Seriously. I kindly explained that I'm taking a trip and then she told me to buy some "Skin So Soft" from an Avon lady. I know that it does work on Canadian mosquitos but something tells me that "skin so soft" has not been tested in repelling insects and mosquitos of the tropical variety. I hate using bug spray with deet, because yes...I'm a health freak. But since I opted not to get my yellow fever vaccination I figured I will need…


As some of my friends may or may not have heard, I'm going to Venezuela! I'll be leaving November 14 for 12 days, and I'm going with 2 other children's pastors from here in Alberta. It's a missions trip of sorts; visiting some of the Alliance churches in Venezuela, and meeting some of the people who give their time and heart to children's ministry. Now that my ticket is booked things are starting to feel real, and it's hard to believe I'm actually going in 3 weeks. I've never really travelled much internationally...well, not at this is going to be such an interesting experience! Right now I'm trying to read up a bit on the country, and a friend has also lent me a "how to speak spanish book". If nothing else, it's amusing to hear myself trying to say the words in my most desperately futile accent. The next steps are getting my final immunization, collecting the gifts and craft supplies we are taking for the churches,…

My Idea of an Amusement Park?

Today I spent an hour in the happiest place on earth. No, it wasn't Disneyland. It was the Sears Clearance Centre! When I lived in Regina, I spent many happy hours wandering the aisles of the Sears Clearance (in those days I also had an employee discount since I worked for Sears...double joy!). I knew there was a clearance centre in Calgary but I never took the time to stop by. Let me tell you, I will now make a point of stopping there more often. It doesn't have the "ancient crumbling warehouse" ambiance of the one in Regina, but it will do. As for deals, I bought a pair of hiking shoes for $8, and matching curtains, bedskirt and sham for my spare room. The combined retail price for the bedroom pieces comes to $169.97. And for those three pieces on clearance, I paid $2.64 before tax. That's right, $2.64. I'll say it again, $2.64. Eighty eight cents an item. Completely serious. That is precisely why Sears Clearance is my happy place.

Stress Less

Just when I think that I'll get back into blogging, I lose steam! However, I must stress that the lost steam was due to being sick for a few weeks. I ended up with shingles and so for the past 2 or 3 weeks, I've been in a bit of discomfort and lacking in energy. It started in my scalp, it was really itchy and I was starting to worry that I had lice...then when I got a rash on my face I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something. But when my face started going numb and prickly I finally went to a doctor and got my diagnosis. Now a week later and pumped full of anti-viral drugs and eyedrops, I'm feeling much better. Still not good enough to wear makeup on my eyes since there is still some itchiness, but I'm almost back to 100%. I'm in agony without my mascara...and if my grandma was reading this she would probably be laughing. A few summers ago I went for a visit but I had forgotten to pack mascara so I had to make an emergency run to Walmart…

So very, very, confused.

I'm really perplexed tonight. I came home from work and as I walked through the kitchen, I walked right through a puddle of water. A fairly good sized puddle. And the strange thing is that I can't figure out where it came from! It wasn't there when I was home at lunch. I looked down...nothing spilled, no tell-tale trail. I looked hole in the ceiling! So I mopped it up, trying to shake this odd feeling. Had someone been in my house? Nothing was taken. Unless....the man who lives in my basement has a young son who just came back from his summer holidays. Last year he got locked out of the basement NUMEROUS times and I would let him use the phone to call his dad. This is the only thing I could think of...that he let himself in (we lock the outside door, and I leave my inside door unlocked)thinking he could use the phone, then maybe spilled some water from a water bottle? It's a long shot....and I hate to blame him...but what other explanation could the…

A man's work is never done. Around my place, that is.

I spent this lovely afternoon cleaning out my side of the garage and mowing my lawn. My garage is a place that I avoid at all costs, other than parking my car. Park car, leave ASAP. It's a huge mess. Oh, except for my neighbour's side...since lately he has taken to moving some of HIS things onto MY side. Nevermind that the owners of the house have tons of their stuff jammed on my side too. So today I shifted everything over to their side, I'm so petty aren't I! Another reason I avoid my garage is because all of my bottles are out there. Now, I do LOVE to recycle...however, the bottle depot in Sylvan Lake is rather frustrating as they have a confusing system of sorting and they make you do it yourself. So for the past year I've been collecting cans and bottles in my garage, and continuously forgetting to run them into Red Deer. At least now they are sorted neatly into bags. And finally, the last reason I avoid my garage is for the simple fact that it is so …

Not my idea of a "shopping spree"

Sunday School starts this weekend. Eeeeek! I'm still short a few volunteers, but hey...what's new? We'll git 'er dun anyway I'm sure and I'm looking forward to this year. I was shopping for supplies for kids ministry and our nursery the other day, and it struck me as funny that I had a cart full of baby stuff and no baby in sight. And as I thought about it more, it's even funnier to wonder if anybody thought I was pregnant and just stocking up on changepad covers, baby washcloths, baby wipes, nursery decorations etc. And then I found myself relieved that these things weren't for me. Don't get me wrong, I have tons of friends who are having babies right now, and I'm so happy for each and every one of them. And I love kids, I wouldn't be doing what I do if I didn't. But sitting at home in the evenings, I find myself happy that I can hand the kids back to their parents at the end of the day (especially if they're crying). One …

Wise Choices

Lately I've been feeling that I need to make some wiser choices. Today I made a wise choice. I changed out of my nice, clean, white shirt BEFORE I ate some beets. Wise choice.

Music Video Monday....On Saturday

Here is Alyssa Alano singing "Keys Me". Awwww, you'll figure it out once she starts singing.


Hmmm, well....what have I been up to lately? Right before the long weekend, I bought a new car! Well, technically I don't really own it since I'm leasing....but whatever. It's a little red Pontiac Wave...of course the one colour I didn't want but it's what was on the lot! Took it to Edmonton for the long weekend, and it drove really well. Went to a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon, then hung out with my mom and dad Saturday night and Sunday during the day. We took the trolley from Jasper Ave to Whyte Ave. Was very cool, and we got to do some shopping on Whyte Ave. If you're ever that way, please visit our favourite store (my mom and dad included!)...the Junque Cellar. There are no words to describe it...Love it! Monday was spent at Gid's 3rd Birthday, we watched Ratatouille at the theatre. It was great, and I've been invited to another birthday to watch the same movie this coming Monday, and I think I'm gonna go see it again! Busy week…

Music Video Monday...on Wednesday

Well, I've missed posting a video the past few Mondays, but I just watched this video today and had to share. It's so appropriate for me, I spend a lot of time online...not making myself out to be something that I'm not, but I've come across a few people who do! Of course it's country, which when I first heard the song made me think it was too cheezy...but you've got to hand it to Brad Paisley, he knows how to write a catchy tune and make a little fun of himself!


I was at Value Village today, a little ticked at myself for not realizing that 50% off is NEXT WEEK! Anyway, from across the store a lady caught my eye and she kind of looked like a real life Barbie, so I decided to follow her and check it out. When I got closer, I realized it wasn't quite as it seemed, but now I was really intrigued so as I looked at clothes down the same aisle as she was I kept an eye on her. I know this sounds completely rude...but I just couldn't help myself! She had bleach blonde hair that from far away looked like a wig (but it wasn't), was wearing a pink halter top, complete with sunglasses hanging from her cleavage, a white mini skirt (and I mean MINI skirt), and shiny white platform stilettos! It was such a sight that I just took it in for a few minutes. And I'll add that she was probably in her late 40s. It struck me that this was something she might wear to one of the clubs or bars, but it hardly seems appropriate (or practical) for s…

Some thoughts for Friday

-I'm getting seriously peeved that the only vehicles in my price range are minivans.
-Went to the Farmer's Market today to get some mini donuts and fresh lemonade. In the rain. Because I'm that stubborn. And they were worth it. (Incidentally, right now, an hour later....the sun is shining)
-I was so sad to find out tonight that Ruth Graham died yesterday. Unfortunately it took a day for my mom to hear about it (she relayed it to me) because Paris is still taking centre stage in the news.
-Why is it that when I only plan on spending 15 minutes in Value Village, it turns into an hour and 15 minutes?
-I'm trying to figure out why I continue to have a cell phone and a land line.

Well, those are my deep thoughts for today. Enjoy, have a great weekend!

A bicycle built

You know that saying "It's like riding a bicycle"? You say it when you haven't done something for awhile, but you figure it would be easy to do again. Like riding a bicycle. But my question is what if you haven't been on a bicycle for 15 years or so? I rode a bicycle this weekend for the first time in about 15 years, I believe. And it was not easy. I was so wobbly, I was terrified to even turn a corner. Mind you, I was riding the bike up and down the foyer and fellowship hall at the church. But I wanted to make sure I could ride it and not look like a fool in public. The bike was left at the church to give away, and I offered to take it, since I really don't want to put too much more stress on my car. I was brave today and rode the bike to my house from the church avoiding all major traffic routes, and I even made it in one piece. However, it's an 18 speed and I really have no clue how to do the gears. That's right, I can't drive a sta…

Soaking Up the Sun

Tourist season is in full swing here in Sylvan...I've already seen too many chihuahuas, fake tans, and vibrating cars for my liking...and it's only the first Saturday in June! On the upside, it's been beautiful here, and today I went and bought all sorts of flowers to plant in my "plastic garden" ie: various planters on my deck. Fun, fun!

Some Big Hair Days

A week or two ago I was reading the insert of our local paper, showing the grad pictures of all the teens graduating from grade 12 this year. The first thing that struck me while I was looking at all the pics was, "when did big hair come back in style?". Some of the do's were pretty crazy and reminiscent of the 80's. I was inspired to go find some of my own big hair pics and I'll share them right here. Some of the best ones are in my mom's albums I think, but I did find some good ones...enjoy!

This was courtesy of my mother

I have to take full responsibility for this one

Grade 12 grad and some very symmetrical bangs

A few years ago at Maria's wedding, and then...

...later that night.

The World's First Bionic Burger

This just heightens my resolve to never eat a fast food burger again.

Music Video Monday

Enjoy this theme song from one of my favourite shows of all time....yeeehaw!!!

Baby Stepping

No, I did not take this picture, but I DID go out on a kayak yesterday! Thanks again, Des! She was kind enough to give me a quick lesson and shove me off from shore in her kayak! And once I got out there for a bit, I really didn't want to come back in. It was so calm and peaceful out on the water (there was only one motorboat out on the lake...very rare for Sylvan!) and I was able to get a bit of a feel for manoevering. Don't worry everyone, if it tipped over I would have been ok because the skirt Des has is not a tight one, just loose with a drawstring so I would have slid right out! That was an initial concern of mine! But I felt very safe in it, and I can't wait to go out again! So the only thing is, now I'd really like a boat of my own...but the prices can be a little scary! I can't even buy a new car let alone a little boat! So I'll just put it out there if anyone knows of someone who wants to get rid of a kayak collecting dust in their garage fo…


It seems that everything of mine is breaking these days. It began with my car about a week ago (well, it's been broken for a while, they just confirmed it last week). It's not really worth doing the repairs I think so I'm in the market for a new does the weinermobile above look? Next it was my vacuum. It's also been broken for awhile, so I figured I better take it in. I thought it just needed a belt fixed but apparently all sorts of elecrical stuff is going haywire as well, and I was told I should just buy a new one. It's just a stick vac, but I really do need to vacuum, so that's next on my list. My cellphone has been slowly falling to pieces after a mishap at kids club, and now the only thing holding it together is the wire connecting the screen to the keypad. So that got replaced today. Saturday night, my toilet was running and I was trying to jiggle the float to make it stop and ended up snapping the float right off. So until Wed when th…

A Space Of My Own

As some of you know, I've been working at the church here in Sylvan for almost 4 years...what you may not know is that for 31/2 of those years, I did not have an office of my own! When I first came to the church, we were in our old building and there was only an office for the senior pastor and then a computer and desk in the foyer for the secretary (the youth pastor and I would also share it). So if I was at the church working, I would just sit in the sanctuary, pull the communion table over and go to work. While we were transitioning to our new building we held sevices for a few months at the community centre, and rented some office space downtown. So there were sometimes 4 of us in one room, with two computers trying to work. Needless to say I worked at home a lot during that time. Then finally! We moved into our new building! However, they hadn't considered that they might hire new staff, and so there were only 2 offices built, with a main office for the secretary. So for …



It's Slushing

I'd like to say it's snowing out, but I can't. It's slushing. There are big chunks of slush falling from the sky. But not in any fabulous flavours.

Music Video Monday

I know this is a day early, but I just couldn't resist posting this video. It is quite possibly the worst/most annoying video ever made. And I'm sorry that you will all be singing it in your head for the rest of the day. Last night I watched Fast Food Nation and I can honestly say that I'll never again eat a fast food burger. Blech!

A Small World Becomes Claustrophobic

So I recently noticed that I've been blogging for about 1 year and 5 months. This will be my 106th post. I've been blogging a little less frequently, and I believe this would be because of my recent infatuation with finding "friends"...yes, myspace and facebook have hooked me (and I would have to say that facebook wins out over myspace). They are so addicting because you can find friends that you haven't seen or heard from in ages, and you are given an excuse to say hi to them and find out what they're doing. Even though they're not really a "friend" anymore, you can view information about them, see pictures of them, and track who they talk to. It may sound creepy, but I'm sure enjoying it! One girl found me who I haven't even talked to since elementary school took me a few minutes to figure out who she even was (she was going by her married name)! I got thinking (yes it happens) the other day how even 5 or 10 years ag…

Music Video Monday

Well, apparently I haven't been here for about 2 weeks...the reason being that I have had company around off and on for about two weeks. I haven't really even had time to check other people's blogs, let alone mine! Cyndi came for a visit last week, and this past Easter weekend my Mom and Dad came down from Cold Lake. It's been great...usually don't have that much excitement in my life! But now things should be back to normal...well normal can be debateable in my life! So I figured it was time for another country song here (Amarillo Sky/Jason Aldean)...sorry to everyone who doesn't share my love of country...but hey, it's my blog! I'd also like to add that after resisting the powers of Facebook for months, I finally caved this weekend (thanks Grace-peer pressure!). A few weeks ago after I started a Myspace I asked "what next?"...I guess this is the answer...another fabulous timewaster!

An....odd video Monday...

In honour of an awesome little game that i've added to my Myspace, here's a slightly odd video that i found. Does anyone else remember wearing out countless batteries playing this on a Game Boy? I've always been addicted to Tetris, and yesterday I found out how to add it onto my if you want to waste some time, the link is on my sidebar...have fun!

Ranting about Recycling

Yes, I'm going to rant about recycling. Not about whether or not we SHOULD recycle, but about the fact that some people don't recycle properly. I know this sounds odd, but I just spent half an hour in the garage tonight organizing all the stuff that exits this house and ends up in the recycle bin in the garage. First of all you should know that I LOVE to recycle. I really do enjoy rinsing out containers, cutting lids off cans and folding up cardboard. I share a house with 3 people who live downstairs and lately they've really been getting into the recycling mood. Which is GREAT except they don't sort anything, they just dump it into the green box. And they haul out box upon box but don't break any of them down. So every two weeks I end up sorting their stuff, breaking down boxes, and throwing out all the stuff they think they can recycle but can't. Tonight it was 3 milk cartons, a lot of plastic wrap and 2 tetra packs that can go to the bottle depot. …

Music Video Monday

This is the coolest!!! He is actually beatboxing while he plays the flute. So odd, yet entertaining... Who can tell me the two songs he plays in this video?

Is it the weather?

So I've been in a bit of a rotten mood today. I'm not sure why, it's just one of those "feel sorry for yourself" kind of days. I'm sitting here eating a salad and some cottage cheese as I'm attempting to eat a little healthier these days...which is in itself a reason I could be in a bad mood! Thanks to everyone who listened to me complain on the phone or online today (some more than others)! You guys know who you are and you're awesome. I'm not sure if it's just the nice weather or what, but I kind of feel like I have cabin fever. I'm really praying that things don't turn out like in The Shining. I do have some reasons to be happy today...first of all it's my friend T's 19th birthday! Happy Birthday T, only 2 more years until you're legal age in the States! And I also remembered that Cyndi is coming for a visit soon. So there. Two reasons to cheer up. Well, I've decided to head out for an exciting night at Wal…

Music Video Monday

Thanks to Pastor Kevin for forwarding this awesome video to me! I've become a Johnny Cash fan over the last couple years, and I just love the gritty-ness of his songs and how he just tells it like it is.

The Prestige

So, last night I watched "The Prestige" and I loved it! In fact it made my brain work so hard that I was up half the night tossing and turning in bed! I have to admit that I liked it better than "The Illusionist" (sorry Grace) but both are really good movies. I've been slightly obsessed today, reading about the movie and trying to get it all figured out...I never will. But I found some interesting things, so if you are a fan of the movie, click here, here, or here. You can also click here to meet Derek Selinger...a guy I went to Bible College with and an illusionist who is coming into his own. On a side note, I had an interesting conversation with a lady at the church today. I mentioned I was up late last night watching this movie and I tried to explain the plot to her. She said that she believed that illusion is deception and that it is unacceptable. I think that illusion (in the context of watching an illusionist) is art and very entertaining, althou…

I Can't Resist a Bargain!

My friends and family know that because I can't resist a bargain, my house is filled with a lot of "stuff" that I paid very little for. It's all great "stuff", but there's a lot of it. Most of my furniture was purchased at Sears Clearance in Regina, or garage sales (with the odd Zellers/WalMart deal). I'm not afraid to buy clothes secondhand (as long as they're machine washable), I love to look through second hand records, and I like to pick up unique pottery and the like in second hand stores. I love to shop at Salvation Army, Value Village, and Care and Share (the second hand store here in town). It was at Care and Share today that I picked up a Litte Tikes workshop similar to the one shown here. I had made my purchases inside (a Cleo skirt-$1 , jogging pants-$2, Trivial pursuit question cards-kid's edition-$1) and as I walked out the door, there stood this awesome workbench, in great condition, with one fat little plastic saw hangin…

Music Video Monday

Here's a classic from Cyndi Lauper...I thought of this song after noticing that they are once again selling slouch legwarmers in stores! I saw them at Zellers last week, and they cost $8 a pair. It's amazing how things are making a comeback from the 80's...and quite frankly a little frightening! Even the packaging is the same as I remember. They aren't the regular legwarmers, they were the ones that got really baggy around your ankles. I once owned a pair of these legwarmers. They were pink and I probably only wore them once or twice...but I felt so trendy when I did! Last week, I saw a friend's daughter, who is only about 8 months old wearing legwarmers if you can believe it! There's no escaping them! Anyway, enjoy the video, reminisce a little, and cross your fingers that we will never have to backcomb our bangs again!


The other night I dreamt (yet again) that I lost a tooth. This time, it was because I had been grinding my teeth so hard when I was sleeping that it had just shattered and there wasn't much left of it. I was devastated that there was a big gap 3 or 4 teeth back from the front. I woke up very relieved that all my teeth were intact.

Music Video Monday

I just love this video by Sarah reminds me that there is so much more going on in the world than in just my little corner. I was watching the news today, and the talk was about the gift bags that they give out to the celebrities at the Academy Awards. Some actors and actresses have started refusing to accept the bags, as one bag and it's contents are worth more than a low income family would make in a year. And they're giving them to people who already have more than they need! Apparently they are going to stop giving these "gift bags" away, and if you can believe it, people are upset! Not the celebrities, but the designers and companies that put their products in the bags. I guess for them it's advertising! Sometimes I think I live simply, but then I realize how much I actually have. I know it's Ok to enjoy the things that I can have because I live where I do...but I need to make sure I don't take it for granted. I think there'…

Relegated To My Bed

I'm sitting in my bed right now (thank goodness for laptops!) trying to get caught up on everyone's blogs since it seems that I'm stuck here at home. I haven't really even been online for the last few days as I've been really sick...not sure why. I thought maybe it was something I ate, but can't seem to think of what I ate out of the ordinary the past few days. It all started Sunday night. I had supper at Melissa's, and then around 8pm I got really sleepy and couldn't stop yawning. I had to pass on a movie (on their new big screen tv!) and go home. I had a bit of a fever, so I basically went straight to bed and didn't leave it until this afternoon (Tuesday). Yesterday was quite the ordeal with trips to the bathroom every 15 minutes and an extremely sore back. I had a shower after supper, put on new pajamas and then went back to bed. I watched TV for about 12 hours straight yesterday as well, but seeing as I don't have cable the majority…

Will you be my friend?

Don't ask me why, but I now have a myspace page. I already have this blog, and a Windows Live space, so I'm not sure what posessed me to do this, other than the fact that it seems "the thing" to do these days. So if you have a myspace page, or even if you don't...come pay me a visit and become my friend. Apparently I only have one friend right now, which is kind of depressing me (although he's a great friend!). You can find my page here. What next?

A Valentine Video!

Just a little something for y'all, to say Happy Valentine's Day! This song brings back very happy memories for me...mostly it reminds me of rollerskating at the arena when I was a kid! The sight of dozens of beige rollerskates lined up ready to rent, the black and red paint at the arena, backcombed bangs half a foot high...the smell of greasy burgers and fries at the concession mixed with that distinct smell all arenas have, the sounds of Glass Tiger playing in the background! What songs bring back memories for you?

5 Things

I was tagged ages ago to post 5 things that you probably didn't know about me. I only sometimes respond when I've been tagged, and I really don't feel like tagging anyone else. But if you really wish I had tagged you, just go ahead and consider yourself tagged. So here are my 5 things...

1. I have been to see Frank Mills in concert. Yes, that's right....Frank Mills. The music box dancer guy! Cyndi took me years ago when he came to Regina. We actually had fun there, mostly giggling at Frank and the other people who were there to see him. He is a fabulous musician, but had the corniest jokes. And Cyndi and I were the youngest people there by about 40 years.

2. I love eating 2 things that repulse a lot of people...oysters and snails. In playschool, when asked what my favourite food was, I told them "escargot"!

3. I was on a softball team when I was in elementary/jr. high school, but I haven't thrown a ball for about 5 years.

4. The first thing I d…

How many days 'til the next weekend?

Things have been a little crazy here this past week...I arrived home from Regina last Tuesday and pretty much hit the ground running. In the process, I forgot to go to a meeting in Red Deer on Thursday, and almost didn't make it to another meeting on Friday because I forgot to set my alarm. Well, didn't really forget...just didn't get a chance! I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow Thursday night and woke up at 9:45 the next morning, with my bedside light still on. Apparently, I needed the sleep! I had a great time in Regina...Kelle's wedding was wonderful and she looked beautiful for her special day (well, she's beautiful every day for that matter!). I visited with a few great friends and actually made it to a few of my favourite places (thanks to Stacy, Les, and Regina time I'll rent a car!). Tonight I hosted a Tupperware party...why do I do these things? I don't have the organization that planning something like this requ…
Skip to My Lou?

For my Monday post, I chose this skipping video. Now, say what you will about men in skipping competitions...but I think these guys are pretty cool...although slightly cheezy perhaps? I was at the gym today and there are 3 TVs in front of all the treadmills and ellipticals (usually all turned to soaps at that time of day). I was finding it hard to work up a sweat today, as I watched a national skipping competition. It was more of the athletic how many rotations of the rope in a minute (so fast that you can't even see the rope!) and then a little freestyle and double dutch. It had the attention of quite a few people there! Now I'm feeling like I should go buy a skipping rope...but I'm thinking that my neighbours downstairs wouldn't quite appreciate it as much as me...

Is it alive?

What does it mean when your toilet starts breathing? I'm's been running alot lately and just before I left on my trip I noticed that it was beginning to make some noises that distincly sound like breathing. Kind of wheezy, like it has allergies. It makes me a little nervous.
On my way!

Tomorrow I'll be on my way to Regina! I've included an awesome commercial for you to watch today. If you're ever in Regina, drive down Victoria Ave and check this gorilla out.

A Saskatchewanian at Heart

In just a few short days I'll be heading to Regina, home of the Roughriders, cheap slushies, and the Sears clearance store! I lived in Regina for about 8 years while I went to bible college (no, i didn't spend all 8 years going to school...just 5). I also did a year of massage school there, worked in a massage/reflexology/tanning/fitness shop, worked at the Sears call centre, and then eventually worked at CBC (where I went to school) as a receptionist. I went to a great church there (Rosewood Park Church), where I was able to be involved in an awesome kids ministry program and made many great friends. My favourite restaurants are Viet Thai and East India House. Regina has a collection of the best coffee houses that I've ever been to (hope they're still around!) including Roca Jack's, Khafon, Stone's Throw, and 13th Ave Coffee House. On a Saturday off, I used to love strolling down 13th avenue and going into some eclectic little shops with off the wall kni…

Master of Disaster

Some days I just seem to attract disaster. I know that. My family knows that. Anyone who has lived with me knows that. Today I was reminded of it. I had a volunteer meeting tonight so I went to the store to get some desserts and drinks to serve. I came back to the church and took everything to the kitchen, and pulled out a bottle of carbonated pomegranate juice. I figured I'd try it, so I set it on the counter and proceeded to open the volcano! It shot all down my jacket, was running down my hands into my sleeves, all over the counter, cupboards and floor. Scenario #2 happened 10 minutes before the meeting began. I was making coffee in the commercial coffee maker, and it's a long story but the coffee pot only ended up being a quarter full. So I poured more water in and figured I better keep my eye on it and if it was going to overflow, I'd quickly move the other pot underneath. Well, being me, I got completely distracted and was surprised a few mi…
Music Video Monday

So this is "Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes" by Claudja Barry...when I was a kid, this was one of my very favouritest songs! We had a tape with this song on it, and I remember rewinding it over and over to listen to it...I'm sure my dad has this record tucked away somewhere! I used to sing this song to my friends and they would just look at me like I was one had ever heard of it! Anyway, this video is a little odd, since it looks like they dubbed the song over another song she is performing. But whatever, I'm just glad I found it!
One of the Worst 'The Price Is Right' Players Ever

I just had to share this video after seeing it on another blog. I was laughing so hard I was truly crying by the end. It just gets better and better...

Something that shouldn't be in my diet

I tried a little experiment last night. It actually might frighten some of you, it might even make some of you gag. I made homemade pork rinds. Yes, that's right, pork rinds. On my internship, the lady I was living with showed me how, and I never tried until last night. I made a pork roast, and they wrap it in a layer of fat. So when the roast was done, I peeled off the fat and put it back in the oven to dry out for 45 min or so. I have to admit it was soooo tasty! The fat just melts in your mouth...mmmm...I only allowed myself a few bites of my experiment and had to chuck the rest (so sad) but at least I know how to do it now! The only drawback was that now my whole house smells like grease. Even the towel I used for my shower this morning...ew.
Music Video Monday

This caught my eye today, reminds me of watching Madagascar with my friend's kids...when this part came on the kids (age 2 and 3 at the time) started dancing! So I couldn't resist playing the extended version at the end of the movie and having a dance party with them...this song is off the chizang!

Back Into the Swing of Things...Or Not

I really haven't had the inclination to do any blogging since I got home, but figured I better sit down and mull over some thoughts while I have the chance tonight. I'm watching Deal or No Deal right now, and I can honestly say this has been the most amusing episode I've seen yet...the first guy they had on ended up winning a whopping $200 (he claimed he was wearing an orange shirt for luck...remind me never to wear orange), and the girl that's on now is obsessed with slapping Howie on the bum whenever she eliminates a low number. Makes for entertaining television at any rate. I'm not a huge fan of Deal or No Deal, but a friend of mine sent me a link to a very addictive game. Click here to play, but be may get stuck playing it for hours. Thanks alot Tammy. Made plans to take down Christmas decorations tonight. Failed. Thought about doing dishes. Didn't happen. Hoping to clean up my room before bed. There's still hope! But basically an…