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Raiders of the Lost Bark

I don't believe in dressing animals up in costumes, or really in anything. A sweater is appropriate if your dog is small and it's -40. You can get away with a Santa Claus hat at Christmastime. And that's about it. Period. I found this doggie Indiana Jones costume online while looking for some archaeology-type crafts....Is this not the most unhappy & humiliated dog you've ever seen?

A Book...

Well, as you can see, the lack of posts here in the new year confirms that I am still recovering from my holiday season. I'm back at it with a very busy winter/spring ahead...I'm taking a class so that is taking up a lot of spare time with reading, quizzes, classtime etc. I'll try to post more about it another day. I had a great Christmas, the best thing being time spent with friends and family. The second best thing is that I got to do lots of reading! I picked up 2 books before I left for the frozen north, and figured I'd maybe get through one...and wouldn't you know it, I made it through both! Some of my blogging friends are super dedicated and have signed up to do book reviews on their blogs. Unfortunately I just don't have the time for that, but since I lucked out with 2 great books over the holidays, I thought maybe I'd share. One book I read was called "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. You can find it just about everywhere these days…