Is it the weather?

So I've been in a bit of a rotten mood today. I'm not sure why, it's just one of those "feel sorry for yourself" kind of days. I'm sitting here eating a salad and some cottage cheese as I'm attempting to eat a little healthier these days...which is in itself a reason I could be in a bad mood! Thanks to everyone who listened to me complain on the phone or online today (some more than others)! You guys know who you are and you're awesome. I'm not sure if it's just the nice weather or what, but I kind of feel like I have cabin fever. I'm really praying that things don't turn out like in The Shining. I do have some reasons to be happy today...first of all it's my friend T's 19th birthday! Happy Birthday T, only 2 more years until you're legal age in the States! And I also remembered that Cyndi is coming for a visit soon. So there. Two reasons to cheer up. Well, I've decided to head out for an exciting night at WalMart. Only because I need to get out and it's the only place open late tonight! Hope you're all having an awesome weekend!


bateman_nicole said…
Kelly, I hope your trip to WalMart cheered you up a bit. Don't get down in the dumps, just think about everyone who loves you, especially all the kids who can't wait to see you Sunday. You are a very important person in a lot of peoples lives and touch us all in different ways. So, go win a Free Drink at Tim Hortons and put a smile on your face. Timmie always cheers me up, Just ask Lindsay!!!
Talk to you soon, Nicole
Tanneal said…
Dags, I must say that you create very beautiful things on the days you feel this way! Maybe you need to be moody for your true creative expression to come out=)

All I know is I've got some amazing original art in my house and you to thank for it!