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Preparations and Puppets

In one week, I'm going to be in Venezuela! This week I got to meet up with the 2 lovely ladies I will be travelling with and got to see some pictures of some of the people we are going to meet. And the beach we are going to visit. Today I got my Hep A shot, and I am slowly getting stocked up on supplies. Apparently this is the wrong season to buy bugspray, nobody in Sylvan is carrying what I need. I went to the hardware store tonight and when I asked if they have bug spray, one lady told me to just open my windows. Seriously. I kindly explained that I'm taking a trip and then she told me to buy some "Skin So Soft" from an Avon lady. I know that it does work on Canadian mosquitos but something tells me that "skin so soft" has not been tested in repelling insects and mosquitos of the tropical variety. I hate using bug spray with deet, because yes...I'm a health freak. But since I opted not to get my yellow fever vaccination I figured I will need…