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Must Good Things Come to an End?

I survived my date with mean the dentist. I only have a billion cavities, so the next few months will be taken up with repeat visits. Ah least it's getting taken care of. Next I need to get my immunizations figured out and have a visit with my doctor. I need to do my taxes. I need a new battery in my watch. I need to empty out closets. It seems that each day I remember a few more things that I need to do. I try to write everything down, but my memory is terrible so a few things keep slipping. Kids Club wraps up this week with an Earth Day party, and this past Saturday was my last shift as a volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages. It has all of a sudden hit me that some of my favourite things are coming to an end. I am a super-sentimental person so I often find myself already reminiscing about the "good ol' days"! I have the go-ahead to register for school for the fall...I will be attending The Spanish Language Institute in San Jose,…

Dentist Day

Today is dentist day for me (cue horror music!!). I haven't been to a dentist in...well...I'm to embarrassed to say how long. And I see that I have cavities that need to be filled...and yet I still avoid it. The situation has come to a head though, as I have been feeling a wisdom tooth wanting to come through (I hade the other 3 out about 12 years ago) the fact that I should get my dental work done before I leave for Costa Rica. I am metally preparing myself for a chastising from the dentist (ie: why did you wait so long to come? you're not flossing enough!!!). Is it just me or does anybody else get in trouble for poor flossing?? Here's hoping the list of things wrong with my teeth is not a million miles long...

In other news, I've soared to new levels of self-inflicted pain and punishment. Last night was day 1 of a beginners running club that I've joined. We are meeting Mon/Wed/Fri and this week we are doing walk 2 min, run 2 min. Seriously, I …

Heading North, Before I Head South

Tomorrow I am heading to Cold Lake for a few days...looking forward to spending time with friends and family. Cold Lake was where I was born and raised, before leaving for Bible College...and I haven't lived there permanently since. Still, I consider it "home" and I'm so glad Mom and Dad are still there, as well as a few fantastic friends! I'm going to take a few boxes of books with me, not much...but it's a start. I'm hoping to get home a few more times this spring and summer and just enjoy being there. On another note, I'm obsessed with Google Street View. Here is a view of Cold Lake, thanks to the dude hard at work driving the Google vehicle through every intersection. A thankless job, I'm sure. And seriously, you can click on it and see it in 3-D. I need to find some 3-D glasses stat!!

Notice that unlike Sylvan Lake, there's not a billion people on the beach :)