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Why do I live here again?

I'm sitting here pondering why I have never chosen to move somewhere tropical, for example, the equator. It's been -40c the past few days here with windchill, and I'm thinking that I should pack myself in the suitcase of a lady from our church who is travelling to South Africa tomorrow with her daughter. I had a miserable day in my chilly office, with most of the afternoon spent huddled over my space heater wondering if the heat blowing on my face will ruin the anti-reflection coating on my glasses and trying to calculate how much more I will spend on gas through the winter months when I have to let my car warm up for an extra 10 min each time I start it. Can you believe that a teenager is delivering phone books down my street at this very moment...yes, we can cancel school and keep the kids home, but still make them work in this weather...terrible! The light at the end of the tunnel is that by Thursday, it should be -5c. Minus. Five. Within the span of 2 days, it'…
Music Video Monday #1

I've posted 2 videos today of this guy that I found while I was surfing YouTube last week (that site is a terrific time-waster, by the way!). His name is Eric Michael Hopper, and instead of getting his name out in the more traditional ways, he just started posting his music on the internet, and has gained a ton of fans. A great use of the internet in my opinion! So enjoy, and if you come across his CD in your travels, let me know...I'm on the hunt!
Music Video Monday #2

'Tis the Season!

...for eggnog, that is! I have been working most of the day on getting my Christmas decorating done. I was going to do it NEXT weekend, but I just couldn't resist and began pulling out decorations at 11 pm last night. So just about everything is put out, my tree is up and decorated, and my lights are up in my windows. I put on a little Christmas music (care of the Beach Boys) and made myself some eggnog tonight. Real eggnog. With real eggs. That's right ladies and gentlemen...I ate 2 raw eggs tonight! Last year around this time I wrote a post in regards to my love for the comments I included the recipe. I challenge you to try making it yourself! You will never go back to storebought! And don't feel weird about drinking a raw egg...just make sure you drink it while it's cold. I take a bit of comfort in the fact that I use free range eggs...but anyway, get the recipe here and try it for yourself! Just ignore the crazy comments...

Just an ordinary Tuesday...

Yup, just an ordinary Tuesday here in Sylvan...just sitting here waiting for "House" to come on, trying not to move too much as I'm so sore from going to the gym yesterday! I just finished having a good laugh...I was checking my site meter to see who had visited my blog in the last few days and I saw that someone from the States had been on...the site meter told me that they had found my blog by typing "dr phil hoarding episode" into Google. So I tried it for myself and sure enough, there I was, the 6th website on the page! How hilarious is that?! It is just so strange to see my blog on Google! Unfortunately, I don't think I would be much help for someone desperately trying to get help for this problem...they were probably sorely disappointed and probably plunged deeper into their shame spiral. This totally tops the other thing I was going to blog about today...I drove by a house on my street that had a "for sale" sign on the front yard. How…
Music Video Monday

I cannot stand rap. However, I do have a love of old school rap and hip hop from the 80s and early know the ones...they usually include the word "funky" and include men wearing leisure suits, giant clocks around their necks, and sideways baseball caps. Before rappers put all the scantily clad women in their videos. Last week I was watching "Dancing with the Stars" and Mario Lopez and his partner danced to this song...go figure. So enjoy this video--"It takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. And get a little funky if you so desire.

To hoard or not to hoard...that is the question

I just finished watching a hilarious episode of Dr Phil on packrats and hoarding. And if you know me well, you know why I was laughing so hard...I'm a hoarder! Well, I have to admit that I'm not a hoarder to the extent these women are, particularly the woman they featured on the second half of the show, but I'll be the first to admit that I have too much "stuff". In my house it's fairly obvious that I have a lot of "stuff" since I have to find creative ways to store, stack and stash it...there really isn't much storage in this little house. The reason this show got me laughing is that I was just telling a friend the other night that I'm trying to reform, cut my clutter and get rid of some of the things I really don't need. So slowly but surely I'm making a pile of "stuff" that I will decide whether or not I want to keep...stuff that just doesn't fit in anywhere. This includes a large pile of candles and candlehol…
Scary Video Monday

Well, this isn't exactly a scary made me laugh so hard when I watched it! Someone went and recut the movie "Mary Poppins" to make it look like a horror movie! Being that Mary Poppins is my favourite movie of all time, I just had to post this...warning to at your own risk!

Back from Banff

Well, I'm back from a wonderful retreat in Banff. I spent this past Monday to Thursday there for a district retreat, and I just didn't want to leave! I was able to visit with a ton of friends from Bible College, as well as many other children's pastors that I've come to know over the 3 years I've been in Sylvan Lake. I did lots of walking down the streets of Banff, sat in front of the fireplace, and did lots of relaxing. Ate nachos with some single girlfriends. My friend Lydia and I went looking for the cheesiest souvenir in Banff...if you're curious, it was a skimpy pair of red ladies underwear with "Banff, Canada" printed on the front...and no, I didn't buy them. And as J, T and I drove away from Banff on Thursday, we were given a strange farewell by the sight of a man driving a zamboni down the highway in the opposite direction. All in all, a week that made me happy!
Music Video Monday

Here's a little something for all you Jack Johnson fans...and let's face it, who doesn't like Jack Johnson...and coincidentally, something for all you Ben Stiller fans! I'm posting this Sunday night, since I'm leaving for Banff tomorrow for 4 days! Woohoo! However, as nice as Banff is, I really do think that the district should change the location of our retreat to Hawaii...wishful thinking...

Under a Pumpkin

Had our annual "Pumpkin Patch Party" last night at the church...I went as a "bed bug". I wore my pajamas, Spongebob slippers (of course) and then my wings and antennae (thanks for the pic, T!). The kids didn't really get it, they just thought I was a ladybug in pajamas. We have a real sweet talker at the church and he's only in grade 2. Last night he told me "you sure are a beautiful ladybug...". The best, though was a few weeks ago at kid's club. He chose to do his craft at a table full of grade 4 and 5 girls and promptly won their hearts with his one-liners and flattery. One of the leaders overheard him say, "You girls are just playing hard to get, but I don't mind...because you're just so handsome!". The girls, of course, erupted in laughter and giggles which just egged him on more. Oooooohhh boy...I'm sure he'll be a real heartbreaker in another 7 or 8 out ladies! But everything went great…