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Prayer Request

Hello everyone and greetings from Caracas!  Today I'm just posting a short message to remind you to pray for Venezuela today and in the coming week.  Since Wednesday there have been protests happening all over the country, and here in Caracas as well.  It is a very complicated situation as feelings run deep between the two polarized political leanings in the country.  Here in Caracas there was some violence on Wed, but more or less things have remained peaceful since then with only some isolated incidents.  The protests continue today; please pray that things will continue peacefully, and for safety for the young people of Venezuela...this started out as student protests.  Above all, pray that somehow Christ would reveal himself, and that Venezuelans and our friends here in Caracas would recognize that it is only Christ who can overcome the insecurity here and bring true freedom to this country.  We trust He is already working.  Thanks for your support, love, and pray…