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Presidential Update

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for Venezuela.  My blog wouldn't load properly yesterday so I'm trying again today just to give an update.  God has been answering prayers and since Monday, when there was a little bit of violence from protesters, things have remained fairly peaceful.  Every night at 8pm supporters of the opposition continue to take up their pots and pans and bang them in protest (called a cacerolazo), continuing to ask for a recount of the votes.  I suspect that it will only go on for one more night, tonight, since tomorrow is the inauguration of President Maduro.  Please continue to pray that tomorrow things will remain calm as people take to the streets to celebrate.  And that both leaders (who are Catholic) would truly feel the peace of Christ in their hearts.  I plan on watching the festivities from the comfort of my home. Thank you for your prayers for me and my teammates. Although we have our opinions on the situation, we only share the…

Pots and Pans

It was a loud evening tonight! Yesterday, Maduro won the presidential election by a narrow margin. Capriles, the candidate for the opposition has called for a recount of the votes, but this afternoon Maduro said the results are irreversible and there will be no recount. Capriles has countered this with a call to his supporters for peaceful protest. There had been protests earlier in the day, part of a freeway was blocked, and apparently tear gas was used. But this evening at 8pm his supporters went into the plazas, stood at their windows and took to the streets banging pots and pans, blowing whistles, honking horns and setting off fireworks in protest.  It was LOUD!! It sounds like there might be more protests organized for tomorrow, please pray that they stay peaceful, and that Venezuelans would have hope and peace in these days.

April News

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