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Give Me A Head With Hair...

How many of you remember my short short hair? Well, if you haven't seen me for a long time, you might be shocked at how long my hair has grown over the past few years! Actually, I'm shocked myself. This pic was taken after my hair was straightened, and I can't believe how long it is! In this picture I had some blonde highlights that I did myself around New Year's but they were starting to grow out, so after a fairly rotten weekend, I decided to do something drastic. I went and had my hair coloured at the salon! I now have tri-coloured hair: chocolate brown, caramel, and red! I love it and don't know why I haven't coloured it before! I know it's pretty shallow to write a blog about my hair, but I just had to share about this risk I took (because most of you know that I ALWAYS play it safe...) As Cyndi would say, "WWDND" What Would Daggers Not Do?

Happy Birthday, Brother!

Well, today is the day! My little brother, Sean is turning 25 today. That means that I have had to put up with him for a quarter of a century now. It also mean that we have been serious about tormenting each other for about 20 years--unbelievable! As you can see, I am no longer able to give my "little" brother piggyback rides or carry him around like I did when we were younger, but one thing has never changed--he still knows how to push my buttons! Nevertheless, I couldn't ask for a better brother, and I sure do miss him now that he lives in Vancouver. Have a great birthday, Sean and I can't wait to see you and the band play in Edmonton next month! Love you!

Ode to Chevrolet

People have been asking for pictures of Chevy, so here he is! This is the dog that often drives me to the brink of insanity. He is mischevious, devious and oblivious but is also my little buddy and sidekick. In this picture he looks like he is being a good puppy...

It's kind of hard to see, but Chevy is playing with his favourite stick. He liked to drag it along the chainlink fence to make noise, shake it around and just generally frolic with it. We had to eventually take it away from him because bits of it started coming out the other end.

Here, Chevy has taken up one of his most comfortable positions...sitting on my foot (he also takes this position when I blowdry my hair and do my makeup in the morning). He's such a social dog, and always has to be right beside you. I was trying to get him to play in the backyard, but since I was sitting down he must have figured that he should too (notice his favourite stick beside him).

Now, if this isn't the laziest couch potato you'…

Three Cheers for Corner Gas!

Hey all you Corner Gas fans, check the links I have for "A Bit of Joy" and "Into the Voidless Blu Yonder" to see some awesome pictures from Roleau,SK. I think it is so funny to see Grace, Joy and Jeamie standing beside some of these Corner Gas landmarks!
Well, people never seem to be satisfied with my blog. Now they demand that I post some pictures. Because I am a people pleaser, I will give in and do it. The fact of the matter is, I tried scanning some pictures onto the computer, but Blogger just didn't seem to like that and the powers that be inside the microchip that decides these things wouldn't accept my photographic offerings. But I have outwitted them by getting a picture CD from Wal-Mart, and having Desiree email pictures from her digital camera. No computer chip can stop me now! Muwahahah! Here are some pictures from the retreat I was at in Caroline over the weekend. Take that!