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A Happy New Year Thank You

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Blog! Update!

Have you been wondering if I have dropped off the planet? Nope!  I'm still here and hoping to get you caught up on my life over the next few days!  My internet has not been totally reliable so my blogging and newsletter writing has taken a serious turn downhill...but stay tuned, I'm playing a bit of catch up!

 An update:  We have received our transient visas AND our identification cards!  Be thankful that you can't see the terrible photo on the card...worse than my last drivers license photo!  Thanks so much for all your prayers as it has been quite the process over the past year.  Please continue to pray as we attempt to get bank accounts (it is turning out to be more complicated than we realized, not that I'm surprised!) and Venezuelan drivers licenses.

Yesterday I went to my first Venezuelan wedding.  It was great fun, and it helps that I love the bride and groom, Oswaldo and Jhoselyn.  I got to get all dressy, although I admit I felt a little under-dressed (and sh…