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Book Review: Same Kind of Different as Me. By Ron Hall and Denver Moore

So here is my second attempt at a book review for Thomas Nelson Books...I have been working on reading this book for a while and finally finished it up!!! "Same Kind of Different as Me" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore is a true story of two very different men who formed a very unique and inspiring relationship. Ron Hall is a successful art dealer, and Denver Moore is a man who grew up in poverty and spent a good number of years in jail and living on the street. Through the love that Ron's wife had for the homeless in Fort Worth, Texas, Ron and Denver are thrown into each others paths. This books was a pleasure to read, although not easy at times. The experiences that Denver recounts in his narratives are, at times, excruciating and you are left with the understanding that he has left out some of the worst bits. "Same kind of Different as Me" is written from the perspective of both authors and switches back and forth between the men. Some parts of the stor…

Merry Christmas

December has been quite the whirlwind month!! The last few weeks of the trimester seemed jam packed with new info, while my brain capacity seemed to diminish as the month went on. I made it through exams though, and will begin my next trimester mid-January. I've gone on a few trips here and there, and have been busy with a bit of Christmas shopping (here in CR and online for family---I love the interweb!). I've also been able to catch a few Christmas programs, at Sojourn Academy and at my church. I'm finding it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit, since there is no snow (amazing the difference it makes!), but little by little I'm getting excited for the special day. I was walking in the mall last week with the Hieberts and Mackenzie saw that there were snowman decorations all over the mall. He asked me "Why do they decorate with snowmen when they don't have any snow? How do they know what a snowman looks like if they've never seen a real on…