My Idea of an Amusement Park?

Today I spent an hour in the happiest place on earth. No, it wasn't Disneyland. It was the Sears Clearance Centre! When I lived in Regina, I spent many happy hours wandering the aisles of the Sears Clearance (in those days I also had an employee discount since I worked for Sears...double joy!). I knew there was a clearance centre in Calgary but I never took the time to stop by. Let me tell you, I will now make a point of stopping there more often. It doesn't have the "ancient crumbling warehouse" ambiance of the one in Regina, but it will do. As for deals, I bought a pair of hiking shoes for $8, and matching curtains, bedskirt and sham for my spare room. The combined retail price for the bedroom pieces comes to $169.97. And for those three pieces on clearance, I paid $2.64 before tax. That's right, $2.64. I'll say it again, $2.64. Eighty eight cents an item. Completely serious. That is precisely why Sears Clearance is my happy place.


erin said…
I support you in your love of Sears! I am in love with the outlets in the states. How can anyone resist such good deals?!
Tina said…
How long are you in Regina? Give me a call if you can.
Tina said…
I just was so excited that I didn't read the rest of your blog. I guess being in Calgary is pretty exciting. See I told you that I read your blog.
dags said…
tina, don't worry...i will definitely call if i'm in regina!!! in fact, i'll probably let you know beforehand that i'm coming! :) you have a blog? can you add me?
Des said…
I have heard such stories about that place, and being a nut for a good deal, I might just have to stop in there before the snow flies.
shinbone #4 said…
please, please, next time I visit.. bring me to that paradise
Amanda Franks said…
I love that eighty eight cents an item! You can't beat it!
Renee said…
Hey we bought a lawnmower from the Sears Clearance centre....and hey it works fabulous! I miss living in the south so I can check out those deals in're so lucky!! lol
Anonymous said…
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