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Friendly Friends

I found this little guy staring at me today.  Isn't he adorable???  Click the photo to enlarge it if you need convincing. Actually, he wasn't so small, I'd say he was a bit bigger than my palm. But seriously, I think he was giving me puppy dogs eyes or something.  We can be friends, but I prefer he doesn't come in my house, so I've been keeping a sharp eye on him.  He reminds me of some of the crazy huge bugs I saw in Costa Rica (Google images of the rhinocerous beetle and thank me later). And last week I had the pleasure of being underneath a tree as 6 or 7 brightly coloured wild parrots sat and squawked and flapped and gorged themselves on fruit, throwing whatever was not edible down onto the cars parked below and making a general mess.  But it really is a lovely sight to see  a group of parrots soaring around together.  Although I miss my bug-free days in Canada, I really love discovering all these sights....yes, even the ones that creep me out!

What I was listening to today...

It's a few years old, but I might have had this song on repeat today :)