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The peaceful days of January!

I've just returned from a 24hour children's pastor's retreat. I always look forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones at these retreats. We had a great time as usual, and now I'm home and taking the afternoon off to catch up on important my blog of course. I have 2 more retreats to go to in the next 4 weeks or so, seems like every second weekend I'm heading off somewhere. My next retreat will be another 24 hour retreat in Canmore. I can hardly wait. The retreat is being put on by a church in Red Deer and I'm excited to be tagging along. Their speaker is going to be Craig Jutila and if you are involved in children's ministry, you might know how amazing it is that he is coming up here to speak to us. I don't know how they got him, but I'm glad they did! Should be very interesting. While I'm in Canmore, I'm hoping to do a little exploring in some of their stores and look at touring (not whitewater!!) kay…

New Years Non-Resolutions

With the new year comes new year's resolutions, right? I usually don't do resolutions because I'm confident that by the time February rolls around, I'll have failed miserably. Then with that comes guilt and feelings that I have been defeated once again. So I was thinking of changes in my life that I could make that would require minimal effort and hopefully no guilt if I let one slip. So here are five changes I'm making in my life...

5. I choose to not feel guilty if I don't update my blog very often or if I decide to ignore every poke, request or invitation on Facebook.
4. I choose to stop watching Oprah.
3. I choose to be healthy, not skinny.
2. I choose to eat chocolate. Sorry, had to make sure this one got in here for sure.
1. I choose to care less about what people think about me, and care more about what God thinks of me.