Music Video Monday

This caught my eye today, reminds me of watching Madagascar with my friend's kids...when this part came on the kids (age 2 and 3 at the time) started dancing! So I couldn't resist playing the extended version at the end of the movie and having a dance party with them...this song is off the chizang!


T said…
It looked like you were really having to 'move it' today in the office!!! Word, I bet you'll be glad when Mary's back and you aren't having to juggle BOTH jobs anymore.
shinbone #4 said…
KELLY!! YOU are off the Chizang!
Miss you, call me :D
When and if you wanna - *wink*
hotrodent said…
We had a motivational speaker in Edmonton show this clip for all the Telus Employee's. We were made to get up and dance to the entire song. Nothing like seeing 50+ telephone techs dancing to 'move it, move it'