Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back Into the Swing of Things...Or Not

I really haven't had the inclination to do any blogging since I got home, but figured I better sit down and mull over some thoughts while I have the chance tonight. I'm watching Deal or No Deal right now, and I can honestly say this has been the most amusing episode I've seen yet...the first guy they had on ended up winning a whopping $200 (he claimed he was wearing an orange shirt for luck...remind me never to wear orange), and the girl that's on now is obsessed with slapping Howie on the bum whenever she eliminates a low number. Makes for entertaining television at any rate. I'm not a huge fan of Deal or No Deal, but a friend of mine sent me a link to a very addictive game. Click here to play, but be may get stuck playing it for hours. Thanks alot Tammy. Made plans to take down Christmas decorations tonight. Failed. Thought about doing dishes. Didn't happen. Hoping to clean up my room before bed. There's still hope! But basically an unproductive I'll sign off for now, since this entry is also quite unproductive and is slowly becoming uninteresting as well.


shinbone #4 said...

hahaha That was a good episode wasn't it... that girl reminds me of ... well, me! :D
It was so good to have you here even if it was a short visit, it was sweet. We had fun in the car with your brother as well. Believe it or not he didn't put on his headphones OR fall asleep. Instead he charmed us all - really.. I'm not just saying that. I doesn't take much to charm us though, anyone that just doesn't ignore me has my heart - hahaha.

Des said...

Some days are like that.

T said...

I totally saw that episode...and it's the first and only one I've ever seen! I think you have to be a little, shall we say, 'quirky' to even get on that show.

The spanking was a little much and even Howie looked a little uncomfortable with it (seeing as her husband was sitting in the front row of the audience!) Word.

Swoosh said...

I have not seen that episode. I kinda gave up on Deal or No Deal because it takes SO long to get anything accomplished. And the game is rather unsatisfying because there's really no penalty for saying No Deal. But it was really nice to see you over Christmas, even if it was short. And I can also attest to your brother's charm. Well done.