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A Space Of My Own

As some of you know, I've been working at the church here in Sylvan for almost 4 years...what you may not know is that for 31/2 of those years, I did not have an office of my own! When I first came to the church, we were in our old building and there was only an office for the senior pastor and then a computer and desk in the foyer for the secretary (the youth pastor and I would also share it). So if I was at the church working, I would just sit in the sanctuary, pull the communion table over and go to work. While we were transitioning to our new building we held sevices for a few months at the community centre, and rented some office space downtown. So there were sometimes 4 of us in one room, with two computers trying to work. Needless to say I worked at home a lot during that time. Then finally! We moved into our new building! However, they hadn't considered that they might hire new staff, and so there were only 2 offices built, with a main office for the secretary. So for …



It's Slushing

I'd like to say it's snowing out, but I can't. It's slushing. There are big chunks of slush falling from the sky. But not in any fabulous flavours.

Music Video Monday

I know this is a day early, but I just couldn't resist posting this video. It is quite possibly the worst/most annoying video ever made. And I'm sorry that you will all be singing it in your head for the rest of the day. Last night I watched Fast Food Nation and I can honestly say that I'll never again eat a fast food burger. Blech!

A Small World Becomes Claustrophobic

So I recently noticed that I've been blogging for about 1 year and 5 months. This will be my 106th post. I've been blogging a little less frequently, and I believe this would be because of my recent infatuation with finding "friends"...yes, myspace and facebook have hooked me (and I would have to say that facebook wins out over myspace). They are so addicting because you can find friends that you haven't seen or heard from in ages, and you are given an excuse to say hi to them and find out what they're doing. Even though they're not really a "friend" anymore, you can view information about them, see pictures of them, and track who they talk to. It may sound creepy, but I'm sure enjoying it! One girl found me who I haven't even talked to since elementary school took me a few minutes to figure out who she even was (she was going by her married name)! I got thinking (yes it happens) the other day how even 5 or 10 years ag…

Music Video Monday

Well, apparently I haven't been here for about 2 weeks...the reason being that I have had company around off and on for about two weeks. I haven't really even had time to check other people's blogs, let alone mine! Cyndi came for a visit last week, and this past Easter weekend my Mom and Dad came down from Cold Lake. It's been great...usually don't have that much excitement in my life! But now things should be back to normal...well normal can be debateable in my life! So I figured it was time for another country song here (Amarillo Sky/Jason Aldean)...sorry to everyone who doesn't share my love of country...but hey, it's my blog! I'd also like to add that after resisting the powers of Facebook for months, I finally caved this weekend (thanks Grace-peer pressure!). A few weeks ago after I started a Myspace I asked "what next?"...I guess this is the answer...another fabulous timewaster!