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Election update part deux/dos

Last night around 10pm it was announced that Chavez has been re-elected as president, which will extend his term to 2019 (he has currently been president for 14 years).  I try to stay fairly neutral on the subject, since I have friends on both sides, and I've tried to look at and understand both sides of the debate.  But I will share that many of my friends here expressed their disappointment/disillusion at the results last night.  And some of my friends were very pleased! However, today is a new day, life goes on, and all Venezuelans want the best for their country.  I'm happy to say that there has so far been no violence since last night, and today was a peaceful day. From what I've heard via Twitter, FB etc, it was almost like a ghost town early this morning, the streets were so deserted.  Classes were out today and many people didn't go to work.  I'm reminded how thankful I am to live in this beautiful country, with amazing people who, despite difficult circums…

Battle of the Billboards

The presidential election is upon us here in Venezuela, and Venezuelans will be heading out to vote this Sunday.  Things have been pretty quiet, although earlier this week people on both sides were campaigning like crazy to get those last few votes.   Yesterday in my neighbourhood, there was a group for the opposition out on the main road basically just having a party....Although drivers were not too happy since the traffic lights were out (not sure if that was a coincidence?) and so between that and the party-ers, traffic was at a standstill.  Nevertheless, they were having fun dancing in the street, handing out flyers and posters, and chatting with everyone.  There were even a few enthusiastic people out waving great big flags and I witnessed one woman almost take a police officer out with hers.  Not once, but twice.  The cop was NOT happy, but he didn't stop her either!!!  Right now, it sounds like it's really up in the air  who is going to win this election, but what peopl…