Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Drowning in a sea of children...

Well, I must apologize for being absent for so long. I have a site meter on my blog that tells me how many people visit my blog and where they're from, so I can pretty much figure out how many times each of you visits my blog...and I must say I'm ashamed because so many of you check so faithfully and I've been so unfaithful in blogging lately. Hopefully things will look up in a week or two! Kid's Camp is this week, 97 kids yesterday and just a few less today. We're having lots of fun, even though there is no air conditioning and the majority of preschoolers have cried at least once. Yes, yesterday was a huge cry-fest. But today was a little better for them and it will keep getting better, I'm sure! No major disasters yet, a couple of snipped fingers, and boy who was dizzy (he's waiting to get his glasses), another boy who is just so competitive that he ends up getting hurt no matter what he does (today required a cold pack for his eye--enough said), and a little "double-dipping" went on in snack today--scandalous!!! Apparently parents are more uptight about this than I am. So I will try to enforce the "no double-dipping" rule tomorrow. But I will wrap this up, as my brain is fairly well cooked through today.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Anticipation

Well, I finally did it. I have ordered a new computer! After many frustrating evenings of restarting my computer half a dozen times, after getting tired of only seeing yellow, green, and blue on the screen, after waiting 5 minutes for a page to load, after not being able to listen to music or watch videos, after not having enough memory to download a single thing, I am getting a new computer! This is a picture of the computer I'm getting...I'm just so excited, I wish it would come today! The computer I have now served me well while in college. Many late-nighters were spent in front of that monitor, many thousands of my intelligent and thought-provoking ideas were typed on the keyboard. Not to mention, the computer only cost $25...you just can't beat that. But I'm coming to realize that if I want to even remotely keep up with technology, I'm going to have to swim a little faster, so to speak. I want to chat, I want to blog (on a computer other than my office one), I want to download music, I want to do online banking, I want to surf the web faster than at a snail's pace! There are people who would say that society has lived without computers and this type of technology for thousands of years, and I would agree. I really don't NEED to do all these things. In fact my life would probably be much simpler without a computer. But the fact remains that computers are here, and most people use them (in our society, anyway). I think that computers have made shopping easier, communication easier (and cheaper), and provide us with all sorts of entertainment just with a click (or a double click as the case may be). So I am going to embrace this fast-paced, ever-changing technology, and pray that this little piece of plastic/metal/fibreglass/whatever they make computers out of, will last me the next 5 years.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Eccentricity #4

Great, I'm over half way done my eccentricity list! I'm trying to choose things that won't scare the average person away from wanting to get to know me, but this post may be borderline. You see, the problem is that I have issues with feet. Joy, Grace, and Nikki probably remember this from camp, as every night before bed I would go and wash my feet. I can't stand to go to bed with dirty feet! And it gets worse...since I had a short career in massage therapy, I sometimes get requests to rub feet. I am happy to oblige, but I often find myself thinking "I better remember to wash my hands after!" And the absolute worst is when someone has dirty socks or feet and they come in close proximity to me or something I may touch. For instance, in the dorms at college, our beds did double duty as couches. I would just scream inside if I came into my room and someone was sitting on my bed with their feet near my pillow or even near where I might put my head. Now, my feet aren't perfect by any means...I'm going to admit here that I currently have 2 warts that I'm trying to deal with (the shame!). But I do try to keep my feet presentable. Wow, I just read this over and now I'm a little hesitant to post. Knowing the girls I mentioned above, they will try to get their feet as close to me as possible the next time I go to visit...