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The cutest fruit known to mankind!

I love mini-bananas!  I think they even taste better than regular bananas...but what does that matter when you're just so adorable???

Spanish Milestones and Rubber Stamps

Well, it's the end of August and that means it's time to dust off the ol' blog, write an update, and think about getting another newsletter together.  The newsletter will have to wait for another day, but luckily I'm in the mood to blog.  It has been a great summer (I miss talking in "seasons"!) but a busy one.  I already posted about our field retreat in my last blog, and I will have to post some pictures about my other adventures...namely kids camp and helping the Hieberts host our first short term missions team.  But today I'd like to tell you about just a few of the things that God used to encourage me this summer...

-I have been in Venezuela for one year!  I can't believe a year ago I very nervously, and with many tears, hopped on a plane and headed out from San Jose, Costa Rica.  This also marks that I am 2 years into my 4 year term as an International Worker with the C&MA.  Time flies when you're on a wild missions ride!
-Spanish-wise, …