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My favourite worship song in Spanish at the moment....

La Gran Aventura Caracas

I've been trying to slowly sort through some photos and sometimes I laugh because I can't remember why or when I took some of them.  But I came across this one and I thought it is fitting...
"La Gran Aventura"....The Great Adventure.  Life is certainly an adventure these days!  If we haven't been in contact recently, then you might not know that I'll be heading back to Caracas on July 31 for another term.  Already having lived in Caracas for 3 years, I'm excited to go back to see friends, familiar sights, and eat some of my favourite foods again.  But at the same time, a lot has changed....some friends have moved away, and some of those treats are a little harder to come by these days.  Living in another country and culture isn't always the "adventure" it's cracked up to be...there are frustrating, difficult days in amongst the great days as well. However, I really want to live these next few years with the attitude of 1980-something Spa…

Kraving Flips

Just an update that I had a great time out in Summerland BC!  It was so good to be with the Hieberts once again, and Lukas and Mackenzie survived my caretaking.  I was also able to have a visit with Murray and Michelle Derksen (our Regional Developers) in Kelowna, and made a few new friends along the way. Plus, the weather was great, and although a little chilly at times, there was no snow and I didn't have to wear a parka! We also talked a lot about Caracas, and our return later this coming summer.  My thoughts have been turning back to Caracas more often, and the other day when I was grocery shopping, I came across this cereal:
I've never noticed it on the shelf before (although I don't make a habit of buying sugar cereals....ok, I do buy Golden Grahams on occasion. And Mini Wheats. Ok, never mind.) but as soon as I saw it, I realized it looked so fact, I think it's basically the same as a Venezuelan snack I buy (again, "on occasion"):
Of cou…


I'm off on another whirlwind adventure tomorrow....this time to Summerland BC where I'll be looking after Chris and Angela's boys.  I'm so super excited to see everyone after almost 7 months of Hiebert withdrawl!   I'm attempting once again to polish my ninja packing skills and only take a carry-on because I'm too much of a cheapskate to pay for baggage that just a few months ago was free.  Harumph.  I'm quickly realizing that Canadian packing is different than Caribbean packing; a few sweaters and jeans take up waaaaay more room than tanktops and shorts in a suitcase!  But I'm determined.  I may wear the same 2 outfits for 10 days, but I'll make it happen.  Here is my suitcase all packed up!

And now after closing the suitcase, I'm hoping I might make it to Edmonton in time to look for a new carry-on....the handle and wheels are all of a sudden misbehaving on this one!!!

P.S.  I sent out a newsletter yesterday AND made a blog post today.  I fee…