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Scribbles from Central America

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Hockey Night in....Costa Rica!

It's that time of year again...yes the playoffs are here! I'll admit it's a little strange to be in a country where hockey is no big deal. On a side note, China just built Costa Rica a big new shiny soccer stadium. I think the Canadian government needs to show a little goodwill to CR and build an ice rink!!! I attend a school where the majority of students are American, but only a handful have any interest in hockey. I have found one fast friend from California who is a Kings fan...but I will forgive her. Thankfully there are a few fellow Canadians here who understand why I smile at the mention of the word "zamboni". Kind of by accident this week, I found a few hockey terms translated into Spanish, so I went on a quest to find as much terminology as I could. I even found an internet site where a serious debate was going on (in Spanish) over the translation of the term "chippy". The verdict: unresolved. So I'm looking forward to catching so…