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Wherefore Art Thou, O Toilet Paper?

Over the past year, it is true that we have experienced shortages of various things....meat, milk, flour, sugar.  But imagine my surprise when yesterday at the local grocery store, I couldn't find toilet paper!  I also went to a drug store, but there was none there either.  Nobody seemed to be panicking over it, so I know that it must be available in other stores at the moment, so today I will continue my search for the elusive cottony goodness.  I don't want to blow out of proportion the things that we have given up to be here in Venezuela, because really, the things that I can't get here are truly things that I can live without.  Nor am I starving or desperate for a little pampering.  I have just had to learn to get creative and/or find things made here in Venezuela to fill the gaps of things I miss from home.  And I must admit, I have found some really great stuff!  My favourite treats as of late have been gelato, and Kindy (a lime drink concentrate).  I know that I sti…