Monday, October 30, 2006

Music Video Monday

This girl is going to be a star!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What does it all mean?

Joybells posted recently about some dreams that she was having...I myself had an odd one earlier this week...maybe somebody could interpret it? I dreamed that I adopted a child, and on the same day was given a puppy as a gift...and while I was hauling a small child around while trying to deal with a puppy, I noticed that I had a loose tooth that was very close to falling out. I quite often dream that I have loose's terrible! I woke up in a panic but when I realized it was a dream, I had that familiar flood of relief come over me...whew! So, I'm open to any and all interpretations...I don't mind if you get creative!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Odd sighting of the day

Today I was digging through a bargain bin of makeup at the Value Drug Mart. As I dug deep deep down I came across something that should have scared me, but didn't for some reason...Out of nowhere popped a little grey mouse! In the bin! Fortunately it was a rubber mouse...some kid probably stuck it in there to get back at their mom who was digging in the bin earlier. I tried pulling him out...but he was the stretchy kind and his tail was caught on something. So in the spirit of halloween, I left him in there and covered him back up with makeup! I just couldn't resist!
Music Video Monday

Here's another oldie but goodie...I'm sure this one from Snap! came out when I was in jr. high...I seem to remember trying out those dance moves. I'm the lyrical Jesse James!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Music Video Monday

Well, I suppose my last few videos have been kind of I figured it was time for something seriously silly. This band is called "Nelson" I the only one who owns their tape or even remembers them? They are actually Ricky Nelson's twin sons...grandkids of Ozzy Nelson! This was one of my favourite bands during my cheesy pop/rock music stage when I was in Jr. High...but you have to admit that the song is pretty catchy. I guess these guys still tour around and stuff...but their hair is much shorter now. Hey, just be glad that I didn't post a New Kids video which was actually my first choice.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Odd sighting of the day

As I drove down Gasoline Alley in Red Deer this morning, I saw a sign advertising "Statues for sale". I looked around, expecting to see some stone fountains or the like. Instead I see two giant chicken statues. They had to have been about 10 feet tall, one was white, and one was a brown/black. First of all, where in the world could they have found these fibreglass chickens, and secondly, who on earth would want to buy them? I suppose you could play a practical joke with them like they do with the flamingos and buzzards, but you would need to rent a truck and trailer just to transport them. I'll be curious to see if they're still around in a week...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Music Video Monday...on Tuesday

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! As many of you know, for most of my life I have been anti-country...but in the last few years I have whole-heartedly embraced country music. In this part of the province, it's impossible to get away from I figured it was time to post some country here! My apologies to all of you who can't stand it...but I just KNOW that you will love this song and video. It's from good 'ol Brooks and Dunn and it's called "Believe". The first time I saw it, I out and out cried...and that voice...sends shivers up my spine. Ronnie Dunn has one of the best voices in music today. Period. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Pumpkin Pie Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Just a quick hello...I must pack tonight, since I will be heading up to Cold Lake tomorrow after church. Another whirlwind trip north, but I'm looking forward to an unexpected getaway. Some of you may have noticed that my many tries at posting a video from YouTube finally worked...a week and a half later! So on Thursday I had to do some quick blogging work and remove all the videos that got posted....gaaarrr....I KNEW that would happen! But hopefully everything is working properly now. Saw a guy out windsurfing on the lake some respects it was the perfect day to do it; the beach was abandoned so there was nobody to laugh at him if he fell. On the other hand, it's FREEZING out...just a really cold wind. He is much braver than I. Speaking of being dad has mentioned me going up into the attic this weekend to do some insulating...I'm not so sure about this...I have never even been brave enough to stick my head up in the ceiling and take a look up's creepy!! Would any of you be brave enough if you were in my shoes? I'll let you know next week if I chickened out. As Big G (a fellow blogger and friend's son) would say..."Bock Bock!"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just an update

Just wanted to let my faithful readers know that I have some new pitures on flickr...just click the link to the right and take a peek in...some of them date back to last Christmas...but better late than never, right?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Music Video Monday

I almost let a Monday slip by without a Music Video Monday post! I have chosen a Peter Gabriel video was such a hard decision, I love all his videos...he is a legend! So this video is called "When You're Falling" and it was released around the same time as 9/11 so it really didn't get much's apparent why when you watch the video! But Peter Gabriel uses such vivid images in his videos...guess that's why I think they're so amazing. So enjoy the video...and if you are also looking for a good laugh today, you MUST click here to watch a video from a comedy show in made me laugh out loud when nobody was around...bahahaaa!