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Kraving Flips

Just an update that I had a great time out in Summerland BC!  It was so good to be with the Hieberts once again, and Lukas and Mackenzie survived my caretaking.  I was also able to have a visit with Murray and Michelle Derksen (our Regional Developers) in Kelowna, and made a few new friends along the way. Plus, the weather was great, and although a little chilly at times, there was no snow and I didn't have to wear a parka! We also talked a lot about Caracas, and our return later this coming summer.  My thoughts have been turning back to Caracas more often, and the other day when I was grocery shopping, I came across this cereal:
I've never noticed it on the shelf before (although I don't make a habit of buying sugar cereals....ok, I do buy Golden Grahams on occasion. And Mini Wheats. Ok, never mind.) but as soon as I saw it, I realized it looked so fact, I think it's basically the same as a Venezuelan snack I buy (again, "on occasion"):
Of cou…