Some thoughts for Friday

-I'm getting seriously peeved that the only vehicles in my price range are minivans.
-Went to the Farmer's Market today to get some mini donuts and fresh lemonade. In the rain. Because I'm that stubborn. And they were worth it. (Incidentally, right now, an hour later....the sun is shining)
-I was so sad to find out tonight that Ruth Graham died yesterday. Unfortunately it took a day for my mom to hear about it (she relayed it to me) because Paris is still taking centre stage in the news.
-Why is it that when I only plan on spending 15 minutes in Value Village, it turns into an hour and 15 minutes?
-I'm trying to figure out why I continue to have a cell phone and a land line.

Well, those are my deep thoughts for today. Enjoy, have a great weekend!


kelle said…
Ruth Graham died?? I hadn't heard about that.
Tanneal said…
I hadn't heard that either! What did she die of?

It always takes me forever in double V too...that's why I can never shop there anymore. Besides I think they uped their prices!
Tanneal said…
Oh yes, and I (for one) am glad you still have a land line and a cell...that makes it easier for me to get ahold of you! Not at home, call the cell, not answering the cell, call the church. Repeat steps 1-3 if there's still no answer =)
dags said…
this monday is 50% off everything at VV! and as for mrs graham, she died of complications from pneumonia...but she'd been frail for a while i think. i'm this close to getting rid of my land line. anything to save a buck these days! woohoo!
Swoosh said…
I haven't had a land line for two years, and the only things that suck about it is inconsistant reception (but I live in the boonies) and no internet (but it sounds good that they're FINALLY going to be putting up a tower so we can get it through satellite or however that works). So I think that if you can deal with that, it's the best thing going because the cell plans are pretty good. Oh, and calling long distance can get pretty expensive, too, it just depends on the plan. ;)