The Prestige

So, last night I watched "The Prestige" and I loved it! In fact it made my brain work so hard that I was up half the night tossing and turning in bed! I have to admit that I liked it better than "The Illusionist" (sorry Grace) but both are really good movies. I've been slightly obsessed today, reading about the movie and trying to get it all figured out...I never will. But I found some interesting things, so if you are a fan of the movie, click here, here, or here. You can also click here to meet Derek Selinger...a guy I went to Bible College with and an illusionist who is coming into his own. On a side note, I had an interesting conversation with a lady at the church today. I mentioned I was up late last night watching this movie and I tried to explain the plot to her. She said that she believed that illusion is deception and that it is unacceptable. I think that illusion (in the context of watching an illusionist) is art and very entertaining, although you get into some borderline stuff like Criss Angel and David Blaine...I know they are just illusionists but they use very dark images and present themselves as evil...I don't agree with that. What do you guys think? Deception or entertainment?


shinbone #4 said…
I agree....
it really depends on the illusion. For example - what about paintings that contain illusions, would hse say that they are evil. Or when writers create with words worlds that don't actually exist - an illusion of sorts, is that evil. If we know that all it is, is illusion then I think it's absolutely acceptable. It makes us try and search hard for the truth or the reality within.
It forces us to excercise our minds and see things from a different perspective.
I understand that it can be dangerous and we are to think on thing that are "pure and lovely and of good report." and their is a danger in those artists that claim magic arts or who aim to decieve for some "darker purpose"... but I think there is just as much danger to be around some people who feel the need to "tell it like it is" or be brutally truthful. I think it's just as dangerous to be around those who gossip or slander or who love the law more than they do people.
In other words, I cast my vote with you my dear :D
dags said…
thanks for that grace...i almost brought up "gospel magic" to her, but we were already among the last to leave the church after our conversation!
The Haugans said…
I cant believe that you liked the prestige more! I absolutely loved they Illusionist!!
Tanneal said…
Without really having a whole lot of time to process that question I would say I think it's like (almost) anything can be used for evil or good.

Obviously Derek uses it for good, so whoever you were talking to can't put all illusionists in the same category!
Swoosh said…
I have seen neither movies, although I would like to. I'm on your side, too. There are a lot of people out there who like things to be black and white, and sometimes it's not that simple. There are a lot of Bible truths that are black and white, and people try to make them gray and hazy. But like the others said about illusions, it depends on the purpose.
Des said…
David Copperfield has always given me the creeps. Never had any desire to see his show. On the other hand it is fun to watch someone who is so quick with their hands that they fool you. I remember a guy came to our local library and did a show during story time. It was fun. There is definetly two sides to this one. Sometimes people don't like what they don't know. And the lady you were talking about, may not know that some "magic" is just hand tricks.
The Haugans said…
first off the illusionist was much better than the prestige. dus ex machina allways sucks when its completely out of left "field".(That was a tesla pun.) and so we come to the debate, the purpose behind illusion, (or music, or art) has little to do with wether it is good or bad. it is only in its interpretation that it is given any sort label. What i am trying to say is that it is us who apply the label according to our own view or interpretation. its up to us to decide if something is evil or inapropriate, if it feels bad for you than dont take part, if it doesnt bug you go for it. i think that this was talked about in romans (weaker brother).
agree. disagree.
Derek Selinger said…
My manager directed me to this blog... always watching out for my image. Interesting converstation. For the record I liked the prestige better. Felt the Illusionist was too direct, and hated the cgi. All the magic in that movie can be done in real life. The prestige however, was immersive. Just like Batman Begins, it made you "feel" it was real. The book was awesome too, well written.

On illusion... it is a method of comunication, nothing more. Any investigation into language shows that we use symbols to communicate... they have no inherant meaning on their own. Illusion is the modus operendi, and as previously noted, depends on your interpretation, as well as the senders intention. This is the way of all art, and hence, all communication. (as language is the chief art). Fear not for those who wax ineloquently about things they have not given much thought. They are reacting out of fear... and love drives out fear. That is all I do with those folks, let them know I love them, and give them the right to form their own opinions.

The begining of my show starts with this refrain:

"The thing about doors, is you don't know what is behind one until you open it... it could be a treasure... or a monster. The question is, will you open the door... will you discover the mystery."

I am refering to some specific things there... it is code after a fashion... but that, my friends, is up to the listener.