Saturday, July 21, 2007

Music Video Monday....On Saturday

Here is Alyssa Alano singing "Keys Me". Awwww, you'll figure it out once she starts singing.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Hmmm, well....what have I been up to lately? Right before the long weekend, I bought a new car! Well, technically I don't really own it since I'm leasing....but whatever. It's a little red Pontiac Wave...of course the one colour I didn't want but it's what was on the lot! Took it to Edmonton for the long weekend, and it drove really well. Went to a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon, then hung out with my mom and dad Saturday night and Sunday during the day. We took the trolley from Jasper Ave to Whyte Ave. Was very cool, and we got to do some shopping on Whyte Ave. If you're ever that way, please visit our favourite store (my mom and dad included!)...the Junque Cellar. There are no words to describe it...Love it! Monday was spent at Gid's 3rd Birthday, we watched Ratatouille at the theatre. It was great, and I've been invited to another birthday to watch the same movie this coming Monday, and I think I'm gonna go see it again! Busy week at the church, getting stuff ready for Kids Camps, as well as looking after the bulletin and phones as our secretary is away this week. I'm also looking after her dogs. Please come back Marrryyyyyyyy! Tonight will probably be spent doing laundry, and tomorrow will be spent getting my flat tire repaired. Yes, you read right. A flat tire after only one week of driving this car. The tow truck guy who came out to put the spare on said that mine was the lowest mileaged car he had ever serviced! Just over 600 km on it (it had 70 km on it when I took it for the first test's all downhill from there). Anyway, now I'm looking forward to the weekend, and sunshine...hope it stays around.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Music Video Monday...on Wednesday

Well, I've missed posting a video the past few Mondays, but I just watched this video today and had to share. It's so appropriate for me, I spend a lot of time online...not making myself out to be something that I'm not, but I've come across a few people who do! Of course it's country, which when I first heard the song made me think it was too cheezy...but you've got to hand it to Brad Paisley, he knows how to write a catchy tune and make a little fun of himself!