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Eccentricity #3

The third eccentricity on my list is the fact that I'm not a picky eater. Now, you might think that this is not out of the ordinary. However, not only am I not picky, I enjoy some strange foods. When I was in preschool, I told my teacher that my favourite food was escargot (still one of my favourites). My roommate in Bible College would kick me out of our room when I opened a can of smoked oysters. I also like to try ethnic foods, and different restaurants. My favourite restaurant in Regina was East India House...mmmmm, curry....I've also ventured into the vegetarian restaurant realm...vegetarian lasagne with goat cheese, anyone? I love spicy foods, the kind that make your lips numb and your eyes water. My Lebanese friends in Jr. High got me hooked on eating roasted melon seeds (which I've only been able to find at Superstore). And working in a health food store, I was able to try many things that the average person might turn their nose up at...cashew butter, car…

Eccentricity #2

The next eccentricity on my list is how much I enjoy visiting strange landmarks and points of interest. In this picture I'm in Caroline, AB visiting my figure skating hero's arena. I suppose this really isn't too much of a quirk, but it's hard to find people who like to do the same thing! A favourite place of mine is the UFO landing pad in St. Paul, AB. I haven't been there for a few years now but it's always a good laugh (and no, I haven't yet been abducted...). Around Sylvan, there is a little town called Markerville, and there is an old creamery where they used to make butter etc. I think it's a pretty cool place...I love history and buildings that have a story behind them. I think this comes from my mom and dad. When Sean and I were kids we used to get dragged around to all sorts of museums and "historic points of interest" during our summer holidays. I know that at times we would get a little antsy, but in the end we usually enjoyed the l…

Eccentricity #1

A friend of mine inspired me to write a blog about 6 things that are a little strange about myself, and so I have decided to take that one step further and write separate posts about each eccentricity of mine. Some you may know about, some may come as a surprise to you. My first eccentricity is that I collect receipts. Grocery receipts are kept for at least a month in this little box beside my phone where all my bills etc. go and wait to be paid. Bank machine receipts are tucked in my wallet until the wallet gets too fat to close and I'm forced to clean them out. Receipts for clothing and miscellaneous often make their way to my dresser or my desk, only to be lost in the rest of my paper piles. I have some receipts that look nice (Pier 1 has really nice-looking receipts) and some receipts that I just can't figure out where they came from (usually a dollar store). I just can't get rid of receipts. I blame this on the fact that I have worked at Sears off and on for t…

Are you a smart Canuck?

I've been keeping this blog a secret for quite a while (well, not really, just always forget to say anything about it). It's called Smart Canucks and its a blog all about freebies, giveaways, promotions, and great deals to be had. It's awesome because it's a Canadian site, and there's so much to choose from (although some products are quite odd and/or obscure--anyone for a free vegetarian starter kit?). I just know you will be addicted to checking this blog on a regular basis like I am.