Friday, June 26, 2009

Here comes July!

Well, I had a great time in Vancouver a few weeks's always such a great place to visit. I also went to Kingsfold Retreat Centre and was able to refocus and relax for a few days. I'm still a little stressed, but it's much more in perspective now! This weekend will be one of planning for kids camps at the church, trying to get music and Bible stories together, and also some supply and decoration shopping. Last night with the help of my dearest Grace, I booked my flight to England for August. I will be doing a bit of travelling around Europe with the Schienbein clan and the most awesome German ever, Judith :) Can't wait to get away...But first I must get through the craziness of July!! Not much else to exciting to report these days...

Monday, June 08, 2009

le sigh....

I cannot wait to slow down....why is it that in North America we don't take the time to stop, and ponder, and meditate, and consider, and....well, you get the picture. The last few weeks have been crazy for me. I am really feeling the effects of doing too much. I have taken on too much this year, and so now I'm trying to figure out what is essential in my life and what is not. And I'm trying not to be a micromanager. And trying not to procrastinate. But in all my "trying" what am I really doing? I'm creating more to stress about! I'm heading to Vancouver to visit Sean (my brother) for a few days. Hoping that I can relax, and leave work and life behind, but I am worried I won't be able to rest easy, as there is so much work that will be waiting for me when I get back. Sometimes I long for the days when I rode my bike around Cold Lake, drank slurpees and ate gummy frogs, and my biggest concern was whether or not there would be a NKOTB pull-out poster in my next issue of Bop.

I'm not meaning to sound depressing...just sharing my frustration at this crazy cyle i seem to have gotten myself into. I just needed to reread all that to remember that I need to put this stuff in God's hands!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jolly Holiday

Today I'm wondering what it feels like to seek adventure. And what it will feel like to have 2 weeks in a row for holidays this summer. This is the first time in 6 years that I will be able to take 2 consecutive weeks for holidays (well, I had 2 weeks in Venezuela but that was different). As well as a week at camp before my two weeks off...sweet! I'm wondering what I should do, where I should go (Grace, let's chat)...and how I should get there. Unfortunately Mexico might be out? :(

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Post, Therefore I Procrastinate.

Just doing a little procrastination tonight. I have tons of homework to do for my class tomorrow. But I can give up just five more minutes to make a blog post, I think. Today is a day when everything just seems to go contrary to how you hoped it would. I had a great, productive morning, and then things just seemed to progress downwards from lunch on. I know that this is all to discourage me. And so I had to proclaim out loud on my way to Red Deer this afternoon that I WILL NOT be discouraged! I just have to keep my eye on the goal. I was able to laugh briefly tonight over one event from the day. I had to go to Red Deer to do some super-quick banking, so after visiting the bank I figured I had a few spare minutes before I had to head back to Sylvan. I decided to go to Reitmans to look at clothes (this always cheers me up!). I walked in at probably 5:55 and the girl at the counter asked if she could help me find anything. A few minutes later she asked again if she could help me and I said no, I was just looking. I grabbed a few things and let myself into a change room. A few minutes later she came by again and asked if I was doing ok. Yep. And then she asked if I was almost finished. How rude! Then she said, "We're actually closed." They had closed at 6, and it was now almost 6:15. Yes folks, tonight I became the customer all retail employees (including myself) hate. I was so embarassed, I hightailed it out of there.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Do people

Today somebody told me that they view me as perfect. This really threw me, since I know that I am sooo imperfect. I make mistakes and I fail time and time again. I'm a work in progress. But maybe I try really hard to make myself "seem" perfect? I don't know. I don't want to portray myself as something that I'm not.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Thought I might just squeeze in a quick post between church and home. Literally, I'm typing with my gloves on! Easier said than done! Today was a fairly productive day, so I figured why not top it off with a long overdue blog post? Feb has been a crazy month, I just can't believe that it's coming to an end already. This has really been a month of ups and downs for me, busyness with work and trying to pull things together at home. Lots of visiting. And I am also single again, which I guess is not good or bad, it just is! And in the midst of the craziness, I'm feeling like some big changes are this time I can't disclose...but as I learn more, I will try to update. I'm learning lots about my limits and God is continuing to stretch them, that's for sure! Last week at Thursday night Kids Club, we were playing a running game, and one of the little 7 year old girls came up to me and told me that she was feeling a little sick and wasn't sure if she would be able to run. "That's fine" I said, "You don't have to run". With a very serious face, she looked at me and said, "Well, is it okay if I speed walk?" Sometimes I need to remember that I'm not in a rush to get through this journey of life. It IS a race to the finish, but sometimes I'm going to feel like all I can do is speed walk. That's all the energy I can muster. And that's okay...the point is perseverance, and continuing to press on when it's hard. So until April I'm going to have to settle for speedwalking....Where are you at? Are you the Road Runner? Speed walking? Or maybe you're on your hands and knees crawling...keep crawling! You can make it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Bark

I don't believe in dressing animals up in costumes, or really in anything. A sweater is appropriate if your dog is small and it's -40. You can get away with a Santa Claus hat at Christmastime. And that's about it. Period. I found this doggie Indiana Jones costume online while looking for some archaeology-type crafts....Is this not the most unhappy & humiliated dog you've ever seen?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Book...

Well, as you can see, the lack of posts here in the new year confirms that I am still recovering from my holiday season. I'm back at it with a very busy winter/spring ahead...I'm taking a class so that is taking up a lot of spare time with reading, quizzes, classtime etc. I'll try to post more about it another day. I had a great Christmas, the best thing being time spent with friends and family. The second best thing is that I got to do lots of reading! I picked up 2 books before I left for the frozen north, and figured I'd maybe get through one...and wouldn't you know it, I made it through both! Some of my blogging friends are super dedicated and have signed up to do book reviews on their blogs. Unfortunately I just don't have the time for that, but since I lucked out with 2 great books over the holidays, I thought maybe I'd share. One book I read was called "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. You can find it just about everywhere these days, since they have already made a movie out of it that is due to come out later in 2009. It's kind of a bleak book, taking place in a post-apocalyptic-type world. There has been a disaster of some sort that has swept over all the earth, and only a small number of humans are left to navigate through the charred remains of the world. Interestingly, the author never mentions what exactly has happened and you are left to use your imagination. The story revolves around a father and son (the names of these characters are never mentioned either!) and their journey along a road somewhere in the States, the trials they face but ultimately it's an amazing story of the love between these two contrasted with the bleakness and darkness of the world they live in. I would recommend this book, it's an easy read to get through (oddly there are no chapters, but lots of dialogue) and it really is a very unique book. The author uses such poetic language throughout, that was a real surprise. It's a beautiful book despite the dark imagery. I'm interested to see the movie when it comes out. It has the potential to be a blockbuster, but if they veer too far from the original story, it could be just a disaster. Another book of McCarthy's, "No Country for Old Men" was turned into a fantastic movie (in my opinion of course) so I hope this turns out well too. Well, I am going to leave my second book for another day. I'm off to finish folding clothes then hit the hay.