Monday, April 21, 2008

What the....?

I'm sure that today, everyone in western Canada will be blogging about the crazy weather we're having. I don't think it's stopped snowing since Thursday, or Wednesday, or whenever it started. It's messed up my plans to go into Red Deer today, and to Airdrie tomorrow. I keep thinking maybe it will miraculously melt before tomorrow but I just looked out the window....and yep, it's still snowing. I braved the roads on Saturday night to go to a Brian Doerksen concert in Red Deer...well worth the slippery drive I'd say (well, the highway was clear, just in town was slippery). Today has been a lazy day, just watching the snow. Did some cleaning and Des came over for a few hours. So nice to just sit and visit...I have to enjoy it while I can, she's moving soon! Well, I'm not sure who reads this blog anymore, but if you care to make your vote known, I'll let all of you decide what I should do this week with all of this snow....

1) shovel my sidewalks, deck, driveway (although I suggest you don't choose this option)
2) make a snow angel
3) make a snow cone (do you think it's safe to eat the snow?)
4) do some serious donuts in the church parking lot

Looking forward to what you decide (although shoveling would be a poor choice, remember)!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

You don't see this every day...

I found this little treasure at the dollar store yesterday. It was so kitschy that I HAD to buy it. Yes, it's a Jesus paperweight and it was extremely hard to take a good picture of it with all that lacquer. I felt a little weird taking it to the cash register to buy, I'm assuming they don't sell too many of them since it was on sale. At a dollar store. But now it sits on my desk at the church, and I can't wait to put it to good use. Now all I need is a nifty glow in the dark Jesus (and yes, I know where to buy's one of my missions for this summer).

Friday, April 11, 2008

A nightmare come back to haunt me?

I received this in my mail yesterday. Could somebody please tell The Shoe Company that the 80's called. They want back their....well....quite frankly they want back everything in this picture. Who in their right mind would go out looking like this? Most of us have been there and done that....TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! The only thing she is missing is a head of luscious permed locks, and back combed bangs. Wait, I think I do see some back combing there...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Adventures

Who decided that all busyness and all matters of craziness would begin in April? My calendar is filling up so quickly...too quickly actually. And I keep thinking that I'm missing stuff. The worst feeling is realizing that you are supposed to be somewhere...a day after the fact. I've also had a bit of a rollercoaster ride dealing with a certain company that I ordered some products from for the church. I was promised the items would be couriered (since they had been holding them in the warehouse for weeks for a reason I won't get in to) and they ended up arriving a week after the fact (and 2 days later than when we needed them). And in the package I found part of someone else's order that I ended up having to ship back. And that, mixed in with some other crazy stories, made me decide to switch companies. I'm a person who is very loyal, but this just took the cake. I'm hoping that this isn't a sign of the coming month! To add to the busyness, I'm making a list of things that I need to do for spring cleaning. Please don't laugh, why are you laughing? Last fall the leaves didn't all get raked up. The guy who was living downstairs raked the first bunch up, some got put in bags (by me), and then he just left a whole bunch in a pile, saying that he would take care of it. And then it snowed. So now there is a nice soggy brown pile of leaves in the yard with who knows what growing underneath. The other thing I need to tackle is washing my house. The outside. I live by the lake and so I'm overrun by spiders. In the summer they have tons of little spider fun making webs all over the house. Then bugs and fluff and leaves get stuck in the webs and get plastered to the house. So I've decided to wash my house. Look at me go! I will have to commission Tanneal to take some pictures of me doing this, it has disaster written all over it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm on a roll!

Whoah-ho! Two blogs in two days? I can't believe it myself! Tonight I spent some time going through friends blogs making a list of all the ones I have to remove from my links. I have some friends who haven't blogged for a year, so I guess that would give me reason to remove them. I hope that not too many people have taken me off their blogroll because of my infrequent blogging! But as I started reading blogs, I remembered why I used to love blogging so much. Reading blogs gives you just a glimpse, but an amazing glimpse, into the lives of so many interesting people. And you don't have to even know a person to enjoy the bit of life story that they generously share online. I think that for me this week is going to be spent doing some house cleaning here and exploring blogs and stories and pictures etc. And figuring out how to use all the new stuff that Blogger has added! I'm so out of the loop!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well, lately I've been hassled by various friends (Renee) and relatives (Lori) to update my blog more often. First of all, I'd like to refer you to the comment I made a few posts back about not feeling guilty about not updating my blog. I don't feel guilty. Ok maybe a little. I love blogging, I really do...I'm not sure why I haven't felt motivated to write lately. So I've been sitting here trying to decide what to write about tonight. I still need to do a post on Venezuela (although it's been going on 4 months since I went!) but I'm feeling too lazy to upload any of the photos right now. Then I thought maybe I'd talk about an awkward conversation I had with someone about the fact that I'm still single. But who wants to hear me go on a rant and rampage, trying to change the view that so many people have of singleness? Yes, I will leave that to another post...Instead I'll tell you about the privilege I have this weekend, to be Tanneal's assistant at a wedding. She is a fabulous photographer, if you haven't already heard and you can see some of her pictures here. So I have no clue what to do as an assistant but I guess I'll find out pretty fast on Saturday. She'll probably just make me go on Timmies runs, carry all her equipment around on my back and just generally work me to the bone (T, if you're reading this, I'm kidding...). At any rate, I hear there will be lots of wine at the reception so at least I'll have T to be my designated driver (wink!!). Anyway I'm sure it will be a great weekend, and perhaps some of that talent will rub off on me!