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Sloths in a hurry....well, not really.

So I have named my sloths Mabel and Mini.  Mini, obviously is the baby....and I am still having lots of fun watching them. Today they were really active, and I was able to get a video of them.  They basically just passed the day like this, Mini holding on for dear life while Mabel climbed on branches and ate leaves.  That's right folks, if you're in the mood for excitement, come to my house and watch sloths eating leaves!!

Sloth Stalking

It has been a fun weekend for me, since last night I discovered a momma sloth and her baby in a tree right across from my patio!  I wish I had noticed earlier in the day, or been able to watch them climb the tree, but by the time I noticed them it was already starting to get dark.  I first fell in love with sloths when I was in Costa Rica last year.  There is no way that you can resist those sweet faces that look like they are smiling!

Today I stalked the sloths again, complete with my binoculars (thanks Sean!).  However it was a bit of a bust, since they slept curled up around each other in a tree.  All. Day.  Absolutely no action.  But I guess that's what kind of endears them to me also.  All they do is eat, sleep, and it's a pretty laid back life. And I'm not saying I freaked out alot...but I may have jumped a bit, let out a little squeal, and ran to get my camera with heart pounding.  A far cry from the video below, which still makes me laugh...because I …

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