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I was at Value Village today, a little ticked at myself for not realizing that 50% off is NEXT WEEK! Anyway, from across the store a lady caught my eye and she kind of looked like a real life Barbie, so I decided to follow her and check it out. When I got closer, I realized it wasn't quite as it seemed, but now I was really intrigued so as I looked at clothes down the same aisle as she was I kept an eye on her. I know this sounds completely rude...but I just couldn't help myself! She had bleach blonde hair that from far away looked like a wig (but it wasn't), was wearing a pink halter top, complete with sunglasses hanging from her cleavage, a white mini skirt (and I mean MINI skirt), and shiny white platform stilettos! It was such a sight that I just took it in for a few minutes. And I'll add that she was probably in her late 40s. It struck me that this was something she might wear to one of the clubs or bars, but it hardly seems appropriate (or practical) for s…

Some thoughts for Friday

-I'm getting seriously peeved that the only vehicles in my price range are minivans.
-Went to the Farmer's Market today to get some mini donuts and fresh lemonade. In the rain. Because I'm that stubborn. And they were worth it. (Incidentally, right now, an hour later....the sun is shining)
-I was so sad to find out tonight that Ruth Graham died yesterday. Unfortunately it took a day for my mom to hear about it (she relayed it to me) because Paris is still taking centre stage in the news.
-Why is it that when I only plan on spending 15 minutes in Value Village, it turns into an hour and 15 minutes?
-I'm trying to figure out why I continue to have a cell phone and a land line.

Well, those are my deep thoughts for today. Enjoy, have a great weekend!

A bicycle built

You know that saying "It's like riding a bicycle"? You say it when you haven't done something for awhile, but you figure it would be easy to do again. Like riding a bicycle. But my question is what if you haven't been on a bicycle for 15 years or so? I rode a bicycle this weekend for the first time in about 15 years, I believe. And it was not easy. I was so wobbly, I was terrified to even turn a corner. Mind you, I was riding the bike up and down the foyer and fellowship hall at the church. But I wanted to make sure I could ride it and not look like a fool in public. The bike was left at the church to give away, and I offered to take it, since I really don't want to put too much more stress on my car. I was brave today and rode the bike to my house from the church avoiding all major traffic routes, and I even made it in one piece. However, it's an 18 speed and I really have no clue how to do the gears. That's right, I can't drive a sta…

Soaking Up the Sun

Tourist season is in full swing here in Sylvan...I've already seen too many chihuahuas, fake tans, and vibrating cars for my liking...and it's only the first Saturday in June! On the upside, it's been beautiful here, and today I went and bought all sorts of flowers to plant in my "plastic garden" ie: various planters on my deck. Fun, fun!