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Those were the days

This past week I've been working on the daunting task of redoing some of my photo know the sticky kind that everyone used to use. I realized that to scrapbook all these pictures would never happen, so I just bought some new albums and have been reorganizing. I have logged about 10 hours so far on this project, and I'm about 2/3 of the way through, so I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I came across some pictures of birthdays, and being that it is my birthday today, I was quite amused by them! I thought I'd share a couple of pictures that were taken at my 19th birthday...10 years ago (guess that gives away my age)! This was back during my carefree days as a student, and I was living in the dorm at Canadian Bible College. My parents had ordered me a chocolate cake from the cafeteria and so we sat down after curfew (probably getting close to midnight) to eat this cake in our pajamas. I remember it was so great to eat cake so late at …

Music Video Monday...on Wednesday

Well, I'm still trying to figure out why I'm having problems posting on my blog from You Tube...I've tried 5 times now with no luck but have had no previous in the meantime, I'm just going to post a link for you to watch a video directly on You Tube. I caught this video this afternoon, and for some reason, it brought a tear to my eye...this guy is crazy but so cool! So do me a favour and give someone a hug today!

Hoping, and waiting, and wishing...

So, it's been about 5 hours since I did my Music Video Monday post on YouTube...and it still hasn't shown up on my blog...very odd. So I'll just wait a little longer. I'm scared to re-post it for fear of it coming up twice...hopefully it will show up by the end of the day, otherwise I guess it's lost out in cyberland. I had a good weekend, on Friday went with Des to see Jacob Moon in concert. I HIGHLY recommend seeing him if he ever comes to a venue near you...I've seen him twice now and this last time was even better than the first. He is definitely growing as a musician...his newest CD is called "Eventide" and it's fabulous...I've been playing it all weekend. Click here to go to his website and you can hear a few of his songs...I just can't say enough about this guy! Anyway, the rest of my weekend was spent at the church, on a walk down by the beach, having lunch with Justine (finally!) and reorganizing my photo albums...don't…

Ever have one of those...oh, never mind

I know that everyone has "one of those weeks", but I was hoping that I wouldn't have "one of those weeks" again for a while. It just seems like things are piling up this week, with very little motivation to get through them because I am being distracted by other inconsequential things. I am trying not to let them distract me from the more important things, but as usual the little things seem to overwhelm me. Then trying to deal with the little things leads me to micromanaging my life, which I'm sure ticks God off. "Well, she's at it again..." So, although this may not make sense, I just had to get my thoughts out..."Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays" Thursdays...2 points for the first person to tell me what movie that's from!!
Music Video Monday

So, this isn't actually a real music video, just a clip pirated from a tv show...but I thought it would fit the bill anyway! The talk last week (even at my Bible study!) was Rock Star of my summertime tv obsessions. So, Lukas Rossi won the contest, and he just happens to be a Canadian, and it just so happens that Canadians have won on BOTH seasons of this odd. Although I really like Lukas, I was convinced that Magni would win. The video I chose is from a few weeks before the big finale, but I think it is what clinched the deal for Lukas. I hope these guys do well, and that they don't just fade away like most American Idol stars...however, rumour has it that they will have to change the name of the band as they have been sued by another band who has the name Supernova. Whatever. So if you just happened to miss this season of the show, watch the video to meet Canada's newest rockstar.

Who knew?

So, I was wandering the aisles at Chapters tonight, when I came across this rather odd magazine...who knew there was such a trendy magazine for people with allergies? And who knew that going off to college with allergies was a death sentence? Now, I myself have struggles with skin allergies, all stemming from a bout with penicillin that left me covered in hives pretty well from head to toe. Now the strangest things can set off a chain reaction. While I was in Vancouver, I even had an outbreak of hives down both my legs and I'm still not sure what caused it. I know what it's like to have allergies, and I know there are people who have some extreme, even life-threatening cases, but why do you need a magazine to scare you into being even more paranoid about what you come into contact with? I know what my triggers are, and I don't travel anywhere without my herbal allergy pills and my tub of Gardener's Dream Cream(I know their website is kind of new age-y, but the cre…
Music Video Monday

I've decided that I need to start blogging at least two times a week...we'll see how long that lasts...but I'm going to try! So here is my first installment for a new feature here on my blog...Music Video Mondays...I love music videos, and now that I've cancelled my cable, I'm going to have to rely on You Tube to get my fix...never mind the fact that I'm already addicted to You Tube. So the first video I've chosen is one that most of you have probably seen already as it has made it's way around the internet...but I just don't get bored of watching it and I do love the song...the band is OK Go and this video alone is making me think about buying their CD. I'm also thinking about renting my gym after hours and and trying this out myself...

Eccentricity #6

I have finally made it to my last eccentricity! Well, I suppose it's not my last, but the last one I will write about. Eccentricity #6 is the fact that I own a record player. I purchased it maybe 4 years ago when I lived in Regina at a garage sale. It cost me 5 dollars, and it actually works! I own a small collection of records, which I sometimes add to when I stop by the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Red Deer. Some of my favourite records include...Bullfrogs and Butterflies, Wham!, Huey Lewis and the News, and The Beach Boys...Thrown into the mix is a little disco and even a Mini-pops album! My brother has some great records in Vancouver...Poison, Metallica, Motley Crue, but I think most of them are pooper! I would love to find a few albums from one of my all-time favourite bands who always take me back to my memories of Jr. High school....Def Leppard! Lately I've been struggling, trying to figure out if I should actually get rid of this rather lar…