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Ok, first of all, to follow up on my window washing fiasco (see last post)...if you can believe it, a bird pooped on my window today!!! Of all the insults in all the world...I really didn't need that. I guess the hose will be coming out again soon. I've been so busy the last 2 weeks, I have so much to blog about but just no time! I won't get into all the people I have to see, places I have to go, things I have to do...but suffice it to say, I'm swamped! However, I'm keeping my cool which is great. Usually when I feel the pressure like this a couple times a year, I have been known to have a slight breakdown. But I have been good, been writing my appointments and all my "to-do's" down (or trying to) and I hope I come out next week feeling great. Looking forward to my trip to Regina to visit friends in a couple weeks and especially looking forward to going to the spa at Manitou Beach. Anyone want to meet up with me there?