Thursday, July 05, 2012

Tales from the Caribbean Sun Field Forum

Just in case anyone is wondering, I don't spend most of my time tracking wildlife and wrangling snakes.  Cuz I just realized that it looks that way judging by my last few posts.  And I don't spend all my time travelling either...but I do have to exit the country every 90 days to renew my tourist visa until I'm able to secure a visa that will allow me to hang out here a bit longer.  When I do have to leave the country, I'm thankful for some great opportunities that I've had, including a very special week just a few weeks ago.

The C&MA in Canada held a field forum for all their Caribbean Sun international workers (and some of our American colleagues were even able to join us!).  We got to hang out for about 5 days together in Cancun, and I think I can speak for everyone there when I say that it was a sweet time spent together.  Many of us who do missions here in Latin America were able to meet for the very first time face to face!  Here are some of the highlights for me...

-Being ministered to by some of the pastoral staff from Vernon Alliance.  It was great to see the Kinniburghs again and they did an amazing job with the kids and youth.  God used Jon Buller to minister to us through music, and Stuart McKnight spoke in our sessions.  He also threw us a Scottish ceilidh!  I would post videos, but I think you would be struck speechless by my awesome Scottish dancing skills.

-The opportunity to hear about the ministry going on throughout Latin America, including in our Chinese churches (by the way, our Chinese international workers are some of the coolest people I've ever met).  We were also able to pray for each other, and spent time just getting to know each other as the Caribbean Sun team.

-Of course, rest time was great and being able to spend time at the beach a bonus!  Although I live in Venezuela, I do NOT live at the beach.  In fact, since arriving here 10 months ago, I have only taken one beach trip.  Pretty sad.  Maybe once I get my car issues worked out, I'll be able to head out and enjoy some sunshine.

Are these not the most relaxing colours you've ever seen?
Anyway, after our sessions were done, I stayed a few extra days to take advantage of the opportunity.  Time was spent in the spa, at the artisan market, and on the beach (once the tail end of the hurricane passed by!)  I also went to Walmart, to pick up some things that I can't get here in Venezuela.  People thought it was strange that I was so excited to go to Walmart.  But whatev, they don't love Kraft Dinner like I do.