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The Trouble With Toilets

Or maybe it should read "troubles with toilets" because there has been no end to the troubles with my 2 toilets. It started out as having to jiggle the handle alot. Then it moved into removing the lid from the tank and reconnecting the chain to the flapper thingy (is there no better technical term??). Then the flapper lost it's rubber seal down the drain and I had to replace that. And that is all just on one toilet! The other toilet has had problems with the float. I have been waiting for one of the toilets to explode or just plain fall over one of these days. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for arrived yesterday. I was woken up to the sound of gentle rain. But as I became more aware of the sound, I realized that it sounded like it was raining INSIDE my apartment. When you come to a realization like that you just can't help but bolt straight out of bed and begin running around looking for a disaster. I found it in one of the bathrooms....a stream of…


Well, some of you remember that I have blogged about eggnog at least twice in the past, and so I'm thinking maybe I need to make it a yearly tradition. I LOVE eggnog....and I'm not just talking about the store-bought kind, I mean home-made-with-a-raw-egg eggnog. Fresh eggnog is the best! But I will usually settle for the refrigerated stuff...and I've even been known to drink Soynog. It's not so bad. When I was living in Costa Rica, you could buy eggnog year-round; it's called "Rompope". But unless you like a little "kick" to your eggnog, you have to scour the shelves for non-alcoholic rompope. I just realized today that I haven't seen any eggnog on the shelves here in Caracas. I guess that's not surprising, but I was kinda hoping.

On a side note, we are not able to buy fresh milk in the grocery stores here. We buy the "long shelf life" milk that doesn't need to be refrigerated until after you open it (and maybe eve…

November Newsletter

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One day at a Time

Hello! I finally am able to sit down and assemble some sort of update! Hooray! Here are some highlights of what's going on in my life these days:

-I still don't have internet! I talked to someone in customer service this week and they basically said to "just keep waiting". Needless to say, I'm going to try to find an alternative provider...
-I am settled in my apartment, and I'm slowly finding things to fill it. Shopping here can be a full-time job with the time spent waiting in traffic and comparing prices!
-I am enjoying my church here in Caracas, "Encuentro con Dios". Everyone welcomed us with open arms and I am slowly getting to know a few people. I have also been able to meet an American who is here with the Southern Baptists, and I'm hoping to get to know her better too. We got connected because she lived with the same Costa Rican family as I did, just a year before me!
-Yesterday I attended my first meeting with the children's mi…