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Child's Play

Have you ever had an encounter with a scary doll? My Grandma once had a conversation with one of those sleeping Ernie dolls. She had it to entertain one of my young cousins, but late one night Ernie started snoring out of the blue, sat up and said "I feel great!!!". Grandma said "Good for you!". There is a doll at the church that I need to get rid of. She has been hanging around for years, and I'm not sure what she runs on because it definitely can't be batteries. If you move her she says "Pick me up Mommy!" Swing her around and she joyfully says "That was fun, do it again!!!" She also say "I love you..." in a super-patronizing voice. But worst of all she has a crazy giggle. Both our secretary and myself have had instances where we are doing something in the preschool room and without even being touched she starts talking and giggling. So a few months ago, I decided to get rid of her. I moved her to my office and…

NKOTB-Part 1

I feel that it is finally time for me to stand up, be an adult, and admit to my outright obsession with New Kids on the Block during late 80’s and early 90’s. Those of you who are close to me may remember this, and you may have even shared in this obsession yourself…I’m not here to judge. Now that they are making their “comeback”, I’ve been having a hard time bringing myself to listening to them for fear of rehashing all the memories of my love for them. For example: video taping all their videos off of Much Music as well as any special or documentary about them and watching them over and over. Being a hermit in my bedroom with my pink ghettoblaster. Memorizing every single lyric they sang (but of course didn’t write). Buying every single Teen Beat, and Bop magazine that had their picture on the front cover. Writing letters to Joey that I would never send. Drawing pictures of Joey in my sketch book. Plastering pictures of Joey on my ceiling and in my locker at school. Seriou…