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It's a Wrap!

Lots happening in my world these days...can hardly keep track of everything to be done (but if you have been reading this blog and know me by know I always complain about that!). Just got back last Friday from Pre-Field Orientation in Calgary. It was a great time, met lots of other international workers being sent this year, was challenged alot and also encouraged. It was held at Ambrose University College (which used to be CBC/CTS where I graduated from) and it was kind of wild to be back living the "dorm life". So many memories of great times in the dorms in Regina. I am so glad they have the dorms available again for students, it's such a great community-builder. All 5 of the single gals got put in 2 adjoining room which was fantastic, except we had to share 1 shower between the 5 of us. As you can imagine, we set to work planning out a shower schedule on the the first night. But we all survived, of course...and it was great to just be taken care of.…

This is now checked off my to-do list.

May has flown by, and some days I feel like I'm just being dragged along by my ankle! I'm still in the throes of the never-ending paperwork, emails and appointments that go along with moving to Costa Rica but I'm getting through bit by bit. I have never been one to be an excellent time-manager (some of you may remember our all-nighters writing papers in college), so this last month has been a challenge. When everything piles up, I can easily get overwhelmed by it all and just go into my "oblivious" mode. But thankfully, I now know how to recognize that in myself! Someone encouraged me a few weeks ago by saying "just do one thing. then do another..." and I often remember that when the pile of to-do's is weighing me down.

I have now wrapped up/passed on most of my responsibilities at the church, but there are still a few things that need to be tied up in the next few weeks. I am finished at the church as of the end of June...I am thinking that Ju…