Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a Wrap!

Lots happening in my world these days...can hardly keep track of everything to be done (but if you have been reading this blog and know me by know I always complain about that!). Just got back last Friday from Pre-Field Orientation in Calgary. It was a great time, met lots of other international workers being sent this year, was challenged alot and also encouraged. It was held at Ambrose University College (which used to be CBC/CTS where I graduated from) and it was kind of wild to be back living the "dorm life". So many memories of great times in the dorms in Regina. I am so glad they have the dorms available again for students, it's such a great community-builder. All 5 of the single gals got put in 2 adjoining room which was fantastic, except we had to share 1 shower between the 5 of us. As you can imagine, we set to work planning out a shower schedule on the the first night. But we all survived, of course...and it was great to just be taken care of. I've come back to the hustle and bustle of life in Sylvan Lake, and I'm on the countdown until my last day of work at the church: 4 more "working" days. CRAZY!

My commissioning service was this past Sunday and I felt so blessed and full of love from everyone. I got some pretty swanky gifts too, so thank you to everyone....I don't even know what to say.

If you would like to pray for me in these days before I head out, I would apprectiate prayer for my transition (finishing at the church, cleaning out my house, and getting my endless to-do list done). I found out that I need to get some documents signed by the Costa Rican consulate in Ontario, so I'm just waiting to hear back on that as well, and hoping it can be done quickly.

Thanks everyone for your love, prayers and support!

A beautiful Sunday at North Glenmore Park, Calgary

Thursday, June 03, 2010

This is now checked off my to-do list.

May has flown by, and some days I feel like I'm just being dragged along by my ankle! I'm still in the throes of the never-ending paperwork, emails and appointments that go along with moving to Costa Rica but I'm getting through bit by bit. I have never been one to be an excellent time-manager (some of you may remember our all-nighters writing papers in college), so this last month has been a challenge. When everything piles up, I can easily get overwhelmed by it all and just go into my "oblivious" mode. But thankfully, I now know how to recognize that in myself! Someone encouraged me a few weeks ago by saying "just do one thing. then do another..." and I often remember that when the pile of to-do's is weighing me down.

I have now wrapped up/passed on most of my responsibilities at the church, but there are still a few things that need to be tied up in the next few weeks. I am finished at the church as of the end of June...I am thinking that July is going to be a very strange month! If you are into praying, that is a big request for me right now...transition from ministry at the church. If anyone would like to come to my commissioning service, it is taking place at 10:30am on Sunday June 20 at Alliance Community Church in Sylvan Lake.

In amongst the busyness, I have had a few adventures as well...

Great visit with Auntie Stacy (she is currently tour director for the
African Children's Choir -Choir 35)

Hiking near Nordegg, AB with Dayna on the May long weekend
(the snow proved to thwart our efforts)

Fantastic visit at the end of April in Ontario with Cyndi.....


...and Gracie Zimmerman!