Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sorry, Mr. DaVinci

So, I went to see the DaVinci Code last night. I'll begin by saying that I have not read the book, but now I really want to because I figure it must be at least 10 times better than the movie. You'd think that the team of Ron Howard and Tom Hanks would produce something spectacular, but this movie was slow-moving, even boring in parts. I also found it fairly predictable, and I figured out who the "Teacher" was before it was revealed. Boooorrrrinnnnggg--the friend I went with even fell asleep for a few brief moments. The story itself is very good (although they blatantly make up "facts" about the church) and the whole idea of code makes for an intriguing plot. Has anyone read the book and seen the movie? I was told that the movie is very similar to the book, but I can hardly believe that since there has been so much raving over the book. Anyone else seen the movie (and Tom Hanks' bad haircut)?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Git r done!

Ah yes, Larry the Cable Guy.
For some strange reason, this saying
really does motivate me!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Verdict Is In!

Well, thanks for everyone's votes this weekend! I'm sure you have all been waiting with anticipation to hear what I ended up doing (ah, who am I kidding...). I hosted my own movie marathon, but I mostly just did it on Saturday and Sunday. Monday I spent trying to organize my spare room, now my whole place is a disaster again! I also did a small bit of reading. The weather was fairly good, so I even got to sit out in the sun for a while. Here are the movies I watched over the weekend...

Ocean's 12...I loved Ocean's 11, but I just couldn't get into this movie until the last half. It had a good ending, but it's one of those take it or leave it movies. And the soundtrack was super annoying.

Dodgeball...Loved it, loved it, loved it. What more can I say than "I love Ben Stiller!"

Diary of a Mad Black Woman...This was my very favouritest movie of the whole weekend. Not what I was expecting at all. If you haven't seen it yet, get 'er done!

What About Bob...Probably the 952nd time I've watched it, but it never gets old. You can find so many gems in this movie! "Is this a fake hang-up?"

Hitch...Funny...but I hate cheezy endings! Thanks for coming over Des!

Men In Black...This was on TV Sunday night. Wow, two Will Smith movies in one weekend! Always an enjoyable movie. The movie that came on afterwards was Ace Ventura 2...I passed on that one.

In Good Company...Fabulous movie, also not what I expected. And unlike Hitch, it didn't have a cheezy ending!

Grease...As a member of the female gender, it is a prerequisite to be obsessed with this movie, especially the soundtrack. I can put it on and while I clean or do dishes, can bop along to all the songs. "Beauty school drop out, no graduation day for you..."

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, May 19, 2006

It's the long weekend challenge!

The long weekend is upon us, and since I'm a single girl with nothing much to do, I thought I'd let the people who read my blog decide what I'll do this weekend. Here are the options:

1. Sleep-I will sleep whenever I get the chance or the inkling to nap. This means I could fall asleep while watching TV, or even in the middle of a meal. I will sleep in every day (except Sunday, 'cause I have to be at the church), and I will just generally lay around the house on the couch, my bed, my lawn chair etc.

2. Movies-I will have a movie marathon lasting 3 days. I will keep track of the movies I watch and try to set a record of how many movies I can squeeze in over the weekend. Popcorn and pop will be a staple.

3. Reading-I don't often get a chance to do much reading, so this weekend will be an excellent opportunity. I will read from a variety of books including fiction and non-fiction, also perhaps some magazines.

4. Organizing-My place is pretty clean right now but I have a lot of organizing to do. I need to go through old binders etc, organize bookshelfs, old bills, and even old emails. I really hope you don't pick this one.

5. Crafts and art-This is something else I don't have much time for. I love to do scrapbooking, calligraphy etc, so this weekend would be a great chance for me to set up shop and go all out being creative. However this option does pose the risk of my place getting messy again.

Cast your votes now, I'll be checking until tomorrow morning and will spend my weekend however you see fit!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And it burns, burns, burns...

Well my pictures are finally back, so I thought I'd share a few that I took in Edmonton a few weeks ago when Sean and his band Flood of Fire came to play. I'm hoping to find a cheap flight to go see him in the next month or two. I've never been to Vancouver, so can anyone give me some suggestions of places to go and things to do/see? They have to be things I can get to by transit, and that I can do on my own...

I fought the law, and the law won...

I was going to say that Sean is the one in the black t-shirt, but it seems that most of the guys were favouring black that night...

Two Flood of Fire fans, who we just found wandering around the mall.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today's Chevrolet

Chevy and his "big stick". Notice the scar on his nose...he got bit by another dog because he was just being the friendly dog that he is. As usual, he didn't learn any lessons from this.

"I really am a good dog...see how nicely I can sit, if only for 2 seconds?"

I tried to capture this picture just a few moments before. Chevy had managed to get the rope, ball, and log in his mouth, all at the same time. No, he's not greedy at all.

Chevy and his rubber chicken. Yes, he has a rubber chicken. I have to laugh when he trots around with it in his mouth--it has a squeaker in it, so it sounds like it is dying a very slow and painful death.

Well, today's Chevrolet is different than yesterday's Chevrolet. Yes, Chevy got neutered yesterday! It seems, however, that the major surgery and pain medication has not changed the fact that he is indeed a rascal. The vet said to make sure he doesn't lick or bite his stitches, but that seems to be the least of my worries. As soon as the vet brought him to me in the waiting room yesterday, Chev managed to wiggle out of his collar and go visit all the dogs and children waiting. I finally got him home, and he refused to lay down and sleep. I set up his bed all nice for him, put his toys on it, even tried to lay down with him to coax him to sleep. Tried brushing him, petting him, etc. He just kept getting up and wandering. This was funny and scary at the same time 'cause he was kind of drugged, so he was staggering around. He kept banging his head into doors and tables, 'cause I think his vision was going wonky. I was almost in tears trying to get him to lay down! He napped a little bit, but when I set up my bed on the couch and turned the lights off, what did he do? He layed down on his bed right away!! Grrrrr. Today he is mostly back to his old self. He isn't supposed to run or jump, but he doesn't know that so I have to keep getting after him. I brought him to the church today so I can keep an eye on him. Not sure how I could come to love such a goofball who snaps at flies, barks at ants, eats an entire box of dog treats at one sitting when nobody is around, and gets pleasure out of sitting on my foot, which he is doing right now.