Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is it alive?

What does it mean when your toilet starts breathing? I'm's been running alot lately and just before I left on my trip I noticed that it was beginning to make some noises that distincly sound like breathing. Kind of wheezy, like it has allergies. It makes me a little nervous.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On my way!

Tomorrow I'll be on my way to Regina! I've included an awesome commercial for you to watch today. If you're ever in Regina, drive down Victoria Ave and check this gorilla out.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Saskatchewanian at Heart

In just a few short days I'll be heading to Regina, home of the Roughriders, cheap slushies, and the Sears clearance store! I lived in Regina for about 8 years while I went to bible college (no, i didn't spend all 8 years going to school...just 5). I also did a year of massage school there, worked in a massage/reflexology/tanning/fitness shop, worked at the Sears call centre, and then eventually worked at CBC (where I went to school) as a receptionist. I went to a great church there (Rosewood Park Church), where I was able to be involved in an awesome kids ministry program and made many great friends. My favourite restaurants are Viet Thai and East India House. Regina has a collection of the best coffee houses that I've ever been to (hope they're still around!) including Roca Jack's, Khafon, Stone's Throw, and 13th Ave Coffee House. On a Saturday off, I used to love strolling down 13th avenue and going into some eclectic little shops with off the wall knick knacks. I remember breaking out in the "Casino Regina" song every time we passed the casino, and on a hot summer day going to Milky Way for the best ice cream on the planet. These are just a few of my favourite memories of Regina. When I left Regina to come to Sylvan Lake, I did not miss it one bit. But after a year, I finally started getting a little homesick! I've only been back once or twice since I moved back to Alberta, but when I'm there, I'm in such familiar surroundings...and I feel comfortable. I'll be spending a week there, from Wed to next Tues, and although I have a wedding to attend (woot woot, Kelle!) and will be visiting with some friends old and new :) , I really want to make an effort this time to enjoy my surroundings, visit some of my favourite places, and remember the city that was my home for those 8 years.

Please note: I am extremely embarassed to say that although I have been to a Pats game, I have never been to a Riders game...the shame!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Master of Disaster

Some days I just seem to attract disaster. I know that. My family knows that. Anyone who has lived with me knows that. Today I was reminded of it. I had a volunteer meeting tonight so I went to the store to get some desserts and drinks to serve. I came back to the church and took everything to the kitchen, and pulled out a bottle of carbonated pomegranate juice. I figured I'd try it, so I set it on the counter and proceeded to open the volcano! It shot all down my jacket, was running down my hands into my sleeves, all over the counter, cupboards and floor. Scenario #2 happened 10 minutes before the meeting began. I was making coffee in the commercial coffee maker, and it's a long story but the coffee pot only ended up being a quarter full. So I poured more water in and figured I better keep my eye on it and if it was going to overflow, I'd quickly move the other pot underneath. Well, being me, I got completely distracted and was surprised a few minutes later to hear a "sssssssss" sound. I looked over, dreading what I would see. Sure enough, the coffee was overflowing, and was running across the counter and pouring onto the floor. So now I smell like a mixture of coffee and pomegranates, have a jacket in need of a washing machine, and a bag full of wet tea towels that are probably stained so badly they're going to need bleaching. On a side note, my meeting went really well, although only 8 out of about 30 volunteers came. The sun'll come out....tomorrow.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Music Video Monday

So this is "Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes" by Claudja Barry...when I was a kid, this was one of my very favouritest songs! We had a tape with this song on it, and I remember rewinding it over and over to listen to it...I'm sure my dad has this record tucked away somewhere! I used to sing this song to my friends and they would just look at me like I was one had ever heard of it! Anyway, this video is a little odd, since it looks like they dubbed the song over another song she is performing. But whatever, I'm just glad I found it!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

One of the Worst 'The Price Is Right' Players Ever

I just had to share this video after seeing it on another blog. I was laughing so hard I was truly crying by the end. It just gets better and better...

Something that shouldn't be in my diet

I tried a little experiment last night. It actually might frighten some of you, it might even make some of you gag. I made homemade pork rinds. Yes, that's right, pork rinds. On my internship, the lady I was living with showed me how, and I never tried until last night. I made a pork roast, and they wrap it in a layer of fat. So when the roast was done, I peeled off the fat and put it back in the oven to dry out for 45 min or so. I have to admit it was soooo tasty! The fat just melts in your mouth...mmmm...I only allowed myself a few bites of my experiment and had to chuck the rest (so sad) but at least I know how to do it now! The only drawback was that now my whole house smells like grease. Even the towel I used for my shower this morning...ew.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Music Video Monday

This caught my eye today, reminds me of watching Madagascar with my friend's kids...when this part came on the kids (age 2 and 3 at the time) started dancing! So I couldn't resist playing the extended version at the end of the movie and having a dance party with them...this song is off the chizang!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back Into the Swing of Things...Or Not

I really haven't had the inclination to do any blogging since I got home, but figured I better sit down and mull over some thoughts while I have the chance tonight. I'm watching Deal or No Deal right now, and I can honestly say this has been the most amusing episode I've seen yet...the first guy they had on ended up winning a whopping $200 (he claimed he was wearing an orange shirt for luck...remind me never to wear orange), and the girl that's on now is obsessed with slapping Howie on the bum whenever she eliminates a low number. Makes for entertaining television at any rate. I'm not a huge fan of Deal or No Deal, but a friend of mine sent me a link to a very addictive game. Click here to play, but be may get stuck playing it for hours. Thanks alot Tammy. Made plans to take down Christmas decorations tonight. Failed. Thought about doing dishes. Didn't happen. Hoping to clean up my room before bed. There's still hope! But basically an unproductive I'll sign off for now, since this entry is also quite unproductive and is slowly becoming uninteresting as well.