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Some Big Hair Days

A week or two ago I was reading the insert of our local paper, showing the grad pictures of all the teens graduating from grade 12 this year. The first thing that struck me while I was looking at all the pics was, "when did big hair come back in style?". Some of the do's were pretty crazy and reminiscent of the 80's. I was inspired to go find some of my own big hair pics and I'll share them right here. Some of the best ones are in my mom's albums I think, but I did find some good ones...enjoy!

This was courtesy of my mother

I have to take full responsibility for this one

Grade 12 grad and some very symmetrical bangs

A few years ago at Maria's wedding, and then...

...later that night.

The World's First Bionic Burger

This just heightens my resolve to never eat a fast food burger again.

Music Video Monday

Enjoy this theme song from one of my favourite shows of all time....yeeehaw!!!

Baby Stepping

No, I did not take this picture, but I DID go out on a kayak yesterday! Thanks again, Des! She was kind enough to give me a quick lesson and shove me off from shore in her kayak! And once I got out there for a bit, I really didn't want to come back in. It was so calm and peaceful out on the water (there was only one motorboat out on the lake...very rare for Sylvan!) and I was able to get a bit of a feel for manoevering. Don't worry everyone, if it tipped over I would have been ok because the skirt Des has is not a tight one, just loose with a drawstring so I would have slid right out! That was an initial concern of mine! But I felt very safe in it, and I can't wait to go out again! So the only thing is, now I'd really like a boat of my own...but the prices can be a little scary! I can't even buy a new car let alone a little boat! So I'll just put it out there if anyone knows of someone who wants to get rid of a kayak collecting dust in their garage fo…


It seems that everything of mine is breaking these days. It began with my car about a week ago (well, it's been broken for a while, they just confirmed it last week). It's not really worth doing the repairs I think so I'm in the market for a new does the weinermobile above look? Next it was my vacuum. It's also been broken for awhile, so I figured I better take it in. I thought it just needed a belt fixed but apparently all sorts of elecrical stuff is going haywire as well, and I was told I should just buy a new one. It's just a stick vac, but I really do need to vacuum, so that's next on my list. My cellphone has been slowly falling to pieces after a mishap at kids club, and now the only thing holding it together is the wire connecting the screen to the keypad. So that got replaced today. Saturday night, my toilet was running and I was trying to jiggle the float to make it stop and ended up snapping the float right off. So until Wed when th…