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I Post, Therefore I Procrastinate.

Just doing a little procrastination tonight. I have tons of homework to do for my class tomorrow. But I can give up just five more minutes to make a blog post, I think. Today is a day when everything just seems to go contrary to how you hoped it would. I had a great, productive morning, and then things just seemed to progress downwards from lunch on. I know that this is all to discourage me. And so I had to proclaim out loud on my way to Red Deer this afternoon that I WILL NOT be discouraged! I just have to keep my eye on the goal. I was able to laugh briefly tonight over one event from the day. I had to go to Red Deer to do some super-quick banking, so after visiting the bank I figured I had a few spare minutes before I had to head back to Sylvan. I decided to go to Reitmans to look at clothes (this always cheers me up!). I walked in at probably 5:55 and the girl at the counter asked if she could help me find anything. A few minutes later she asked again if she could help …

Do people

Today somebody told me that they view me as perfect. This really threw me, since I know that I am sooo imperfect. I make mistakes and I fail time and time again. I'm a work in progress. But maybe I try really hard to make myself "seem" perfect? I don't know. I don't want to portray myself as something that I'm not.