Why I Speak Portuguese.

Last week, my friend Julie asked me if I ever get comments on my accent. I do, but most people are very encouraging, and my landlady even told me that she loves accents and thinks it's a shame when people try to get rid of theirs. But there's nothing like a child to totally humble you in the language department. I had a conversation (in Spanish) at kids church tonight with a little 4 year-old girl while I was helping her with her craft...and it went something like this:

Girl: Why are you speaking in Portuguese to me?
Me: I'm not speaking Portuguese...
Girl: Then why can't I understand you?
Me: Well, I have an accent. I'm not from Venezuela, I'm Canadian so usually I speak English.
Girl: (pause)....Well, why don't you speak Spanish?
Me: I'm learning how to speak Spanish....

If I don't sound very good speaking Spanish, I'm sure glad that I at least sound like I'm speaking Portuguese!!!!


Ziz said…
Too Funny! When I was in the DRC I usually spoke French and my translator (Jean) spoke to my patients in Kikongo, Kituba or Lingala. Occasionally I spoke Kikongo to the patient to their surprise. One day I told a lady to "lie down on the examination table". As I wrote a few notes, the nurses started giggling and I looked up to see her standing on the table with her head nearly touching the ceiling! Jean asked her "What did the Doctor ask you to do?" With a large smile on her face she correctly replied, "He said to lie on the table." "Well then," replied Jean, "Why are you standing on it?" She replied, "Kadi zaba" - I don't know. Just so, this girl does not think she should understand you so says she doesn't even though she does.
Desiree said…
I'm sitting here at the computer, flaked out and sick. That made me laugh! Thanks Kelly!