Oh what a week!

As I have reflected on the past week, I have come to 2 conclusions: 1. Some days my life is what great comedies are made of. 2. God has given me a message through the adventures.

It all started last Wednesday, I was on my way to move the last of my stuff, and myself into my new home. But shortly after I got onto the freeway, I realized my car was losing power and then had no power at all. I had to stop right where I was. Thankfully the Hieberts were right behind me and stopped too, and eventually a traffic officer came by, stopped all the traffic and helped push my car from the left lane over to the right shoulder. Loooong story short, we stayed safe, had good police officers stop to talk to us, I waited three hours for a tow truck (although thankfully roadside assistance is included in my insurance), found out my timing belt went, and got the car taken to the mechanic where it has been ever since. We are praying that tomorrow it will be ready!

Monday, Tuesday and yesterday went something like this: Monday A.M. water heater stops working. I brave a cold shower. Tuesday I subject myself to another cold shower. The repair guys come to fix the heater. But what's this? The front door won't unlock? I am locked in my house! The guys have to come in through the house upstairs onto my patio, and between them, the housekeeper from upstairs, and myself we can't get the door unlocked. After everyone has left, I walk over to the door, grab the key...and the door unlocks. Later that night, I'm hanging a shoe rack up on my bedroom door and decide to shut the door to make it easier. When I go to leave the room...what's this? The door won't open? Somehow, I got locked in my bedroom! I twist and turn the door handle, I grab a coathanger and try to somehow move the lock....and I am just getting ready to panic attack/break the doorknob off (somehow) when i grab the knob one last time and the door unlocks! Finally, yesterday I came home from an afternoon at the Hieberts to find the power out and therefore the gate to the house wouldn't open. This time, locked OUT! I had to holler for the housekeeper to come let me in, and thankfully, eventually she heard me!

Although the past week has played out something like a Mr. Bean sketch, I have been reminded of something very serious....that the enemy wants me locked in/locked out instead of being able to freely share the Gospel here in Caracas. But that also, God does NOT want me locked in/out and that in His perfect timing, the doors...and hearts will open.


Anonymous said…
Hey, it's T again... just read this post too... that is seriously crazy!!

I can just imagine you taking something to that door knob in order to get out of your room! How scary!

Glad you're safe and learning the ins and outs of your new place early on! Is your car fixed yet?