Well, I made it through my last weekend of mayhem. I'm still not quite officially on holidays, going to head back to work for a bit this afternoon and finish cleaning up etc. Things went fairly smoothly, so I'm thankful that there were no major disasters! One small hiccup was during our Christmas party during Sunday School yesterday morning. I had set the projector up to view a movie on the wall, we got it all set up, was working fine, then I turned off the projector until the kids came. When it was time for the movie, I turned it on and fired up the movie. It was going fine and dandy until one of the characters started talking. And they were not talking English, they were talking Chinese. And the mandarin subtitles were even there to help us out! It sounded like an anime movie! So I stopped it, went into language selection on the dvd and chose english. Started it up again....and still in mandarin. Twice more I tried to fix it...to no avail. So I had to run and grab the TV in the corner and shoved the movie in that DVD player...and of course it played fine. SoI figure the other dvd player must be feeling a little homesick for the country of it's manufacture during the holidays, and has decided to only play in mandarin. The Christmas program went well last night, and we got some good laughs out of the preschoolers and grade 1 kids. You can always count on a few to ham it up for the crowd. Their parents are mortified in the audience, but everyone else thoroughly enjoys it! Anyway, I'm off to work and then finish shopping and wrapping tonight, off to Cold Lake tomorrow. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, can't wait to read about your holiday adventures!


Jamie said…
I can just picture the movie soo funny! Love how you explain it - I think you're right!!!
kelle said…
How funny!! Anyway, I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!