I'll get there eventually...

Well, Christmas time is once again equalling crunch time. Just a few more things to do before I get to go home and blissfully enjoy doing nothing...
-Kids Club Christmas party tomorrow night (will involve baking cupcakes tomorrow afternoon, and setting up crafts)
-Friday night have to work at Ten Thousand Villages. Hoping to finish my Christmas shopping that night too!
-Saturday morning dress rehearsal for the Christmas program on Sunday. Saturday afternoon working at the church, and then hopefully a reprieve Saturday night...movies, popcorn, hot chocolate...here's hoping....
-Sunday morning Christmas party with the kids at church, after church decorate for the program
-Sunday afternoon is our Christmas program and potluck supper...and I'm hoping after that I'm done, done, done!!! (well, besides major clean-up etc)

It's gonna be a crazy weekend, but I'm trying to let thoughts of a holiday spur me on! I'll be heading up to Cold Lake for a week at Christmas then a few days down in Calgary...yeeesssss!!


Anonymous said…
You'll make it...and it will all be worth it! Have fun! We love you!!

Auntie Cheryl, Uncle Ted, Ben and Andrew
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