I'm sick...how are you?

So yes, I am sick. It's just a chest cold, thankfully no worse...but it still stinks that I got sick. I was trying my best...washing my hands lots, and avoiding people who are super sick...but when you work with kids or have to do Christmas shopping in crowded places, it's inevitable that you are going to get sick. So many people have the flu right now (including poor Dion) so I'm praying it doesn't get any worse than this. On the upside, I finally have the chance to use the new cold and flu products I bought at Rocky Mountain Soap the last time I was there. This store really is my happy place.... I bought their Cold and Flu body and linen spray and their Cold and Flu rub. You can use the spray on yourself or your pillow and sheet and the smell of the essential oils is so soothing to your chest (think eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender). And then you can put the rub on your chest and back like Vicks vaporub. The nice thing is that unlike Vicks, it's all natural. Next time you're near a Rocky Mountain Soap shop, go buy something from the nice people there!


kelle said…
hope you feel better soon!
Renee said…
That's all fine and good...but the real test....does it work?!?!?!?
dags said…
seems to have worked for me!
Anonymous said…
Not to argue, but I think Vicks is pretty natural,too:

Camphor 4.73% w/w
Menthol 2.6% w/w
Eucalyptus Oil 1.2% w/w

Cedarleaf oil, myristica oil (from nutmeg), special petrolatum, thymol (from thyme), turpentine oil (from resin of pine trees)

from a diehard Vicks fan :)
dags said…
my concerns are probably the camphor, menthol, and petrolatum... i hate the smell of camphor and the taste of any gum or cough lozenges with menthol. (esp halls!! blech blech!) and i try to avoid stuff with any petroleum. i have just never been a vicks fan!!
dags said…
but don't get me wrong...sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures...
Anonymous said…
I think it's one of those things you love or you hate. Your stuff sounds cool, too, but lavender makes Ted sneeze, so I don't think it would work for me...I like having him around! So, I'll stick to Vicks..hey, that rhymes...maybe I should write them a commercial! :)

I should ask how you feel about Buckleys...camphor, menthol, Canada balsam, pine needle oil and capsicum...ick!

This time I'll sign my name, since I don't have an "identity" according to blogger.

Love always,
Auntie Cheryl