What does it all mean?

Joybells posted recently about some dreams that she was having...I myself had an odd one earlier this week...maybe somebody could interpret it? I dreamed that I adopted a child, and on the same day was given a puppy as a gift...and while I was hauling a small child around while trying to deal with a puppy, I noticed that I had a loose tooth that was very close to falling out. I quite often dream that I have loose teeth...it's terrible! I woke up in a panic but when I realized it was a dream, I had that familiar flood of relief come over me...whew! So, I'm open to any and all interpretations...I don't mind if you get creative!


Madam Zorra said…
Let me gaze into my crystal ball ...... aaahhhhh .... nothing but a great cloudy fog ..... Better luck next time!
T said…
Maybe it's backwards prophecy...first you'll have a dental visit, then somehow out of that you'll adopt a puppy (your hygenist has one she needs to find a home for?), then you meet somebody while walking your new dog that has just recently adopted a baby? Ok, now it's getting fuzzy...my real guess is that you ate something weird before bed that night?