Happy Pumpkin Pie Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Just a quick hello...I must pack tonight, since I will be heading up to Cold Lake tomorrow after church. Another whirlwind trip north, but I'm looking forward to an unexpected getaway. Some of you may have noticed that my many tries at posting a video from YouTube finally worked...a week and a half later! So on Thursday I had to do some quick blogging work and remove all the videos that got posted....gaaarrr....I KNEW that would happen! But hopefully everything is working properly now. Saw a guy out windsurfing on the lake today...in some respects it was the perfect day to do it; the beach was abandoned so there was nobody to laugh at him if he fell. On the other hand, it's FREEZING out...just a really cold wind. He is much braver than I. Speaking of being brave...my dad has mentioned me going up into the attic this weekend to do some insulating...I'm not so sure about this...I have never even been brave enough to stick my head up in the ceiling and take a look up there...it's creepy!! Would any of you be brave enough if you were in my shoes? I'll let you know next week if I chickened out. As Big G (a fellow blogger and friend's son) would say..."Bock Bock!"


shinbone #4 said…
Hurrah for Thanksgiving!!!
I'll see you tonight dearest ;D
Swoosh said…
I also love Thanksgiving, especially impromptu visits to CL. It was fabulous to see you dah-ling!